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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the weapon modifier. For the creatures types, see Vampire.
Vampiric is a weapon modifier that grants the wielder 1 to 5 Life Draining on every hit. The drawback is that the wielder suffers 1 pip of health degeneration.

Axes, daggers, spears, and swords:

Life Draining 1...3
Health regeneration -1

— in-game description

Bows, hammers, and scythes:

Life Draining 1...5
Health regeneration -1

— in-game description

Damage dealing[edit]

The health drained by a Vampiric weapon is added to your other damage, which makes it an ideal modifier when dealing damage is the primary concern. However, for the purposes of triggering other skills, life drain is not considered the same as damage.

Upgrade components which provide this bonus[edit]

Life Draining 1...3

Life Draining 1...5


Vampiric mods cause the wielder to lose 2 health every second — the break-even point for +3/-1 Vampiric weapon requires hitting successfully on average every 1.5 seconds; for +5/-1 weapons, the rate is once every 2.5 seconds.

Type Life stealing per second Net health gain per second Successful hit rate to counter health loss1
Axe, Daggers2, Sword 2.25 0.25 89%
Hammer 2.86 0.86 70%
Scythe3 3.33 1.33 61%
Spear 2.00 0.00 100%
Hornbow 1.85 -0.15 N/A
Flatbow, Shortbow 2.50 0.50 80%
Longbow, Recurve Bow 2.08 0.08 96%
  1. Assuming standard rate of attack for the weapon, the fraction of attacks that must hit successfully.
  2. Excluding double strikes.
  3. Excluding secondary targets.


  • Since you continue to lose health unless you are successfully hitting a foe, switch to an alternative weapon when you are not attacking.
  • There are three primary ways you can turn vampiric mods from marginally helpful to devastating weapons, boosting damage output and maintaining your health:


  • Life Draining from a Vampiric weapon is the only non-skill source that is displayed in the damage monitor; however, for the purposes of game mechanics, it is not considered damage.
  • The Dark Aura, from a statue of Grenth, gives a bonus of 3 life stealing per hit, without the -1 health degeneration.
Bug Bug.Since the Vampiric bonus is applied on hit, if you swap to a Vampiric weapon from a bonus-on-attack ranged weapon (e.g. Fiery) while a projectile is in flight, you can get both bonuses.

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