Scythe Snathe

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Scythe Snathe
Scythe Snathe.png
Rarity Common
Type Scythe prefix upgrade component
Stackable No
Campaign Nightfall
Eye of the North
Scythe Snathe.jpg

A Scythe Snathe is the prefix upgrade for a scythe. It can be salvaged from a scythe using an Expert Salvage Kit, Superior Salvage Kit or a Perfect Salvage Kit.

Name Description
Barbed Lengthens Bleeding duration on foes by 33%
Cruel Lengthens Deep Wound duration on foes by 33%
Crippling Lengthens Crippled duration on foes by 33%
Heavy Lengthens Weakness duration on foes by 33%
Poisonous Lengthens Poison duration on foes by 33%
Ebon Earth damage
Fiery Fire damage
Icy Cold damage
Shocking Lightning damage
Furious Double adrenaline on hit (Chance: 2...10%)
Sundering Armor penetration +20% (Chance: 10...20%)
Vampiric Life Draining: 1...5
Health regeneration: -1
Zealous Energy gain on hit: 1
Energy regeneration: -1


  1. Priests of Balthazar will not have these available for unlocking on accounts without Nightfall.

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