Superior Salvage Kit

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Superior Salvage Kit
Superior Salvage Kit.png
Rarity Common
Type Kit
Value 1Platinum
Stackable No
Uses 100
Item Generic.jpg

Uses remaining: [100...1]
Double-click to salvage upgrade components and [sic] crafting materials (rare or common) from an item.

— in-game description

A kit used to salvage items for both common and rare crafting materials. The Superior Salvage Kit is the more expensive and longer-lasting cousin of the Expert Salvage Kit, having a default of 100 uses. The Superior Kit does not have any added effect in comparison to an Expert Salvage Kit other than its additional uses.

A Superior Salvage Kit is slightly less value for money than an Expert Salvage Kit, yet many players prefer to carry one because it requires fewer trips to the merchant. Four Expert Salvage Kits would also take up more inventory slots.

Superior Salvage Kits only become financially more efficient than Expert Salvage Kits when using quest reward trophies to acquire them. Expert Salvage Kits are exchanged for 3 reward trophies, while Superior Salvage Kits are exchanged for only 5, resulting in 4 times as many uses for less than twice as many trophies. Bear in mind that each character receives only a limited number of these trophies from quests. The Superior Salvage Kit is usually the most efficient way of turning these trophies into money (with the exception of Trade Contracts, which can be used to get rare crafting material), and as such, its resale price effectively sets the value of those trophies.



  • The cost per use of this kit is 20Gold.
  • The resale value of this kit decreases by 10Gold each time it is used.
  • The base chance, before the Wisdom and Treasure Hunter bonuses, of breaking an item upon salvaging an upgrade is 50%.

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