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Common crafting materials are crafting materials that are frequently available in the game. They form the basis for crafting most items in the game and can be salvaged easily from monster drops. All Salvage Kits can be used to produce common crafting materials. Note that when using an Expert Salvage Kit or a Superior Salvage Kit there is a chance the salvaged item will produce rare crafting material instead. Common materials can also be purchased at any material trader in a town.

In addition to using common crafting material for crafting items, artisans can turn common materials into certain rare crafting materials.

List of common crafting materials[edit]


  • While each crafting material has a default value to any merchant, it is wise to periodically check the sale value with the common crafting material trader, as the sale price may be significantly higher.


Common crafting materials
Bolt of Cloth.png Bolt of Cloth Bone.png Bone Chitin Fragment.png Chitin Fragment Feather.png Feather Granite Slab.png Granite Slab Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot Pile of Glittering Dust.png Pile of Glittering Dust Plant Fiber.png Plant Fiber Scale.png Scale Tanned Hide Square.png Tanned Hide Square Wood Plank.png Wood Plank
Rare crafting materials