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Crafters are NPCs that can craft items from crafting materials for a fee in gold. Crafters can be found in cities, outposts and occasionally in explorable areas. The location of the crafter determines the quality of the product. For example, armor crafted at Droknar's Forge will be of a higher quality than armor crafted in Ascalon City and will often cost more in both materials and gold to create. Similarly, certain type of crafted products, albeit of the same type, are not available in certain locations. For example, the Monk Dragon armor headpiece is the only part of the set available in Ascalon City; however, the full set is available in Lion's Arch with the same armor rating. Similar to merchants, all crafters will buy items.

Crafter types[edit]

Each type of crafter is only able to craft a single type of product. For example, a weapon crafter cannot craft armor and vice versa.