Fighting in a Winter Wonderland

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Fighting in a Winter Wonderland
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Wintersday
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Priestess of Melandru
in Lion's Arch or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest

Quest information[edit]


  • Report to the Battlefield.
  • Destroy the Beacon of Grenth.
  • Destroy the Beacon of Balthazar.
  • Bonus Objective: Destroy all opposing Champions.
  • Bonus Objective: Complete the battle in under 20 minutes.
  • Bonus Objective: Complete the battle in under 10 minutes.
  • Bonus Objective: Complete the battle in under 5 minutes.
  • Bonus Objective: Protect all of your Champions and Beacons.


Achievement Reward
Base reward Normal mode: 5 Wintersday Gifts, 5,000 experience, 500 gold, 5 Frosty Tonics
Hard mode: 10 Wintersday Gifts, 7,500 experience, 750 gold, 10 Frosty Tonics
Destroy all enemy Champions +5 Wintersday Gifts, +5 Frosty Tonics
Complete in less than 5 minutes +5 Wintersday Gifts, +5 Frosty Tonics
Complete in 5 - 10 minutes +3 Wintersday Gifts, +3 Frosty Tonics
Complete in 10 - 20 minutes +1 Wintersday Gifts, +1 Frosty Tonics
No allied Champions or Beacons Destroyed. +1 Wintersday Gifts, +1 Frosty Tonics


Advanced Snowball.jpg
Advanced Snowball
Super-mega Snowball.jpg
Super-mega Snowball
Snow Flurry.jpg
Snow Flurry
Hidden Rock.jpg
Hidden Rock
Avalanche (skill).jpg
Avalanche (skill)
Primary profession dependent skill
Ice Fort.jpg
Ice Fort
Mmm. Slushy!.jpg
Mmm. Slushy!

During this quest, you will be in The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods area, and all party members will be under the effects of Godly Yuletide and have the Godly Yuletide skill bar (with Avalanche instead of Yellow Snow), and dead players are resurrected at a shrine every 30 seconds at the top or bottom of the minute. The mission's objective is to kill the Balthazar and Grenth beacons, and protect yours. When you kill a Champion or a General you will receive a Morale Boost. You can teleport between your beacons, but you will suffer from the Portal Sickness effect.









Initial dialogue[edit]

Priestess of Melandru
"The Priests of Balthazar are quite upset, it seems. They sense grave danger on the horizon, and while we have sensed this as well, we do not feel that crushing the spirit of the local population is the best way to prepare. Of course, the Priests of Balthazar have been less than receptive to our alternative solutions."
"Against our better judgment, we have agreed to meet them in battle with all forces we can muster, so we can show the residents of Tyria once and for all that, with hope and camaraderie, we can survive anything. If you wish to serve Dwayna and Melandru, speak with Melandru's Watcher. Should you wish to join forces with Grenth and Balthazar, you should speak with the Champion of Balthazar. Both can be found in either the Temple of Ages [sic] or the Chantry of Secrets."
Yes Accept: "I pledge my support to the forces of Dwayna and Melandru."
No Decline: "Fight against the combined armies of the God of War and the God of Death? Good luck with that one..."
Ask Ask: "Round up your allies and speak with Melandru's Watcher in the Temple of Ages [sic] or the Chantry of Secrets. It shall send you to the battlefront."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Melandru's Watcher

It is good of you to stand up to Balthazar and Grenth, to protect the joy of the holiday season. Once your party is ready, I can send you to the battle.

Yes We are ready to join the battle. (sent to The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods)
No We need more time to prepare.


  • It is also possible to enter from Zin Ku Corridor. The quest marker will point there while in Cantha.
  • Technically, this quest cannot be completed. Fulfilling the objectives, and obtaining the reward, will not remove the quest entry from your log. This allows you to reenter the fight immediately without having to talk to the quest giver again.


  • This quest was introduced in Wintersday 2010.
    • In Wintersday 2011 the bonus for protecting your own Champions and Beacons was added and the time limits for the bonuses were diminished from 10, 20, and 30 minutes to 5, 10, and 20 minutes.
  • The quest's name is a reference to the lyrics of the song Winter Wonderland.
  • This quest is based off of the popular player-made Warcraft III map 'Defense of the Ancients'.

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