Courier Falken

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Courier Falken
Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Courier Falken North Kryta Province map.jpg
Path through North Kryta Province
Courier Falken Nebo Terrace map all routes.jpg
Path through Nebo Terrace
Courier Falken Watchtower Coast map.jpg
Path through Watchtower Coast
Canthan Courier Crisis map.png
Path through Bukdek Byway

Courier Falken is a Shining Blade messenger that can be found relaying information throughout Kryta during the War in Kryta. He will randomly appear at portals between Krytan zones and start a messenger run along the road until he reaches another portal, fighting off White Mantle ambushes along the way. If you can successfully escort him from one portal to the other, he will reward you with gold, experience and War Supplies.

After the civil war's end, Queen Salma sent the the Krytan courier on a diplomatic mission across the Clashing Seas, the Empire of the Dragon prospers, with an important letter for the Ascendant Emperor of Cantha.




  • "Only the courier that exceeds me has the right to become the next courier."
  • "If you want to be my disciple you'll have to show me your moves first."
  • "I bet I could train a rollerbeetle to deliver stuff for me."
  • "Being a good courier isn't about being lucky, It's about being fast!"
Alternate, upon winning

Thank you, [Character Name]. You have the true heart of a courier! It's not much, but take this as my thanks.

Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"Now, that's what I call an epic final battle! My courier's passion was reignited by watching you fight out there! Seeing a foreign hero like you fight for our country has inspired me to think about what I can do beyond just being a courier. I'm thinking about starting up a unified organization to deliver messages between countries. By keeping everyone informed, we could prevent groups like the White Mantle from deceiving us in the future.
And after all that is done, maybe I'll go adventuring up north, I hear there's a Dwarf up there that loves fist-fighting as much as I do!"


"Being a good courier isn't about being lucky, it's about being fast!"
"Come rain, or sleet, or horde of skale, nothing will stop the intrepid Shining Blade Courier. Well, maybe the skale..."
"Delivery man, delivery man, does whatever a courier can.Transports packages, any size. Brushes off Mantle, just like flies. Oh yeah, here comes the delivery man."
"Greetings, <Player Name>, fancy meeting you out here. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got an important delivery to make.
"If you want to be my disciple, you'll have to show me your moves first."
"Twenty-nine deliveries in the last week. The princess sure knows how to wear a guy down. She's lucky I'm so good at my job."
When using the Falken Punch
"A courier's passion... is burning red!"
"Are you okay?... Not after this!"
"Here comes the fist... OF JUSTICE"
"Don't mess with... THE SHINING BLADE!"
"Falken... PUNCH!"
"You call that fighting? GET SERIOUS!"
If you talk to him during battle
"Bring me your woes some other time, friend."
"Duty calls."
"Fight, damn it!"
"For the Chosen!"
"Help. A little help here."
"If you haven't noticed, I'm busy at the moment."
"Not now!"
"Now is not the time for idle chatter!"
"Spill the blood of our foes!"
"Stop wagging your tongue and start whooping some butt!"
"Tell me later. Right now I have enemies to slaughter."
"The fight rages. The battle is not yet won."
"The time for jabbering over a pint will come later."
"To arms! To arms!"
"We will reminisce after this battle is won."
"You call that fighting?"
"Your words fall on deaf ears. For now I fight."
"Let's give 'em a whooping!"

Delivery Routes[edit]

Hard mode rewards (in parentheses) are double that of those in normal mode
North Kryta Province
Cash Experience War Supplies Routes
  • Lion's Arch → Nebo Terrace
  • Nebo Terrace → Lion's Arch
Nebo Terrace
Cash Experience War Supplies Routes
  • North Kryta Province → Cursed Lands
  • Bergen Hot Springs → Beetletun
  • Cursed Lands → Beetletun
  • Beetletun → Bergen Hot Springs
Watchtower Coast
Cash Experience War Supplies Routes
  • Beetletun → Divinity Coast
  • Divinity Coast → Beetletun


  • If he dies during the escort, he will not resurrect and you will have to start again.
  • Consider bringing "Make Haste!" or other IMS applicable to Allies when escorting him.
  • He doesn't count as your Shining Blade escort, so even when Falken appears, you'll get another of the randomly-chosen characters. Falken spawns standing near the portal, while the escort drops from a nearby tree.
  • In Hard mode a Jade construct with Spectral Agony will spawn with the last group. Falken isn't infused, so be extremely careful.


  • Courier Falken's name, his line "If you want to be my disciple you'll have to show me your moves first.", and his custom skill, Falken Punch, are all references to the video game character, Captain Falcon (from the F-Zero and Super Smash Bros. series).
  • "Delivery man, delivery man, does whatever a courier can. Transports packages, any size. Brushes off Mantle, just like flies. Oh yeah, here comes the delivery man." is an homage to the theme song of the 1967 Spiderman cartoon.
  • "Come rain, or sleet, or horde of skale, ..." mimics the famous inscription at the James Farley Post Office in New York (AKA the Post Officer's Creed).
  • "A courier's passion... is burning red!" is similar to the most famous phrase from Mobile fighter G Gundam, in which the main character often says, THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!.
  • "GET SERIOUS" and "Are you okay?" are catch phrases used by Terry Bogard in King of Fighter.

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