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Dragon Nest is a festival minigame that is only available when the Shing Jea Boardwalk is open. A game of Dragon Nest resembles the game Whac-A-Mole, and can include anywhere between one to eight players.

The minigame costs 1 Festival Ticket payable to Ki Leung, outside the arena.

Game mechanics[edit]

The goal of the game is to tag the gray and white hatchlings to gain points, while avoiding the red hatchlings. There are four rounds which last 45 seconds each and a 15 second break between each round. The game can include up to eight participants.


There are three different types of hatchlings:


  • Round 1: Gray worms only, so it is safe to tag everything.
  • Round 2: Adds the red ones, which you should avoid.
  • Round 3: Adds white ones.
  • Round 4: Double points.


Dragon Nest awards Lunar Tokens during Canthan New Year and Victory Tokens during Anniversary Celebration and Dragon Festival.

  • All players: 1 token.
  • Top three places: +2 tokens for each outscored opponent.
  • First place: 1 Gamer point for each outscored opponent and +10 tokens.


  • Press V-[spacebar], which are the default keys to target the closest hatchling and start running towards it.
  • Click on the ground to avoid undesirable targets, specifically red hatchlings or white ones that are about to be tagged by an opponent.
  • Zoom out as much as possible to get a good view of the arena. Glance at the radar to identify target-rich locations.
  • Use a sweet to boost your speed via Sugar Rush and/or Sugar Jolt. However, good reflexes and smart tactics are more important than raw speed.


  • There is a three minute delay between each game.
  • If you are alone in the game you do not need to score any points to win.
  • If the game ends in a tie between two players, one random player will be given first place and its rewards.
  • This can be solo farmed (i.e. no opponents) for tokens at the rate of approximately 94 tokens per hour.

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