Ki Leung

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Ki Leung
Canthan barkeep.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Service Minigame
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Ki Leung is a special event NPC in the Shing Jea Boardwalk. He runs the Dragon Nest mini-game.



"Welcome to the Dragon Nest! We have imported dragon hatchlings from the wilds of Ascalon and secured them in the 'nest' behind me.
Up to 8 players compete to see who can tag the most hatchlings in a 4-minute period. Tokens are awarded to the top players from each round. The more players, the bigger the prize."
"A game is currently under way, but you may return shortly to join the next one." (if so)
"It takes one festival ticket to play. See to [sic] Sunri to purchase your tickets. Do you wish to play?" (only if a game is not currently under way)
Yes Send me into the Dragon Nest! (Pay 1 Festival Ticket.) (only if a game is not currently under way)
"I'm sorry, you don't have any Festival Tickets! Talk to Sunri to purchase tickets." (if you have no Festival Tickets when trying to pay)
No Perhaps I'll play some other time.
Ask Tell more about the game. [sic]
"Dragon hatchlings will periodically emerge from the ground. Tagging a black hatchling is worth 1 point. Tagging a white hatchling is worth 2 points and causes all adjacent contestants to be slowed for 10 seconds. Tagging a red hatchling is worth zero points and knocks you down. Points are doubled in the final round. The goal is to have more points than your opponents after 4 rounds."
Ask Let's talk about something else. (back to top)
Ask What do I get for playing?
"Aside from the joy of competition? Each player gets a token for participating. If you're one of the top three scorers, you get 2 tokens for every contestant you outscore. The winner is given an additional 10 tokens as a bonus."
Ask Let's talk about something else. (back to top)
No Perhaps I'll play some other time.


Before competition begins
"Do you dare face the dangers of the Dragon Nest? Only 1 boardwalk ticket to play! Talk to me for more details"
"The rules are simple. Tag the hatchlings to score points. White hatchlings give a bonus. Red hatchlings should be avoided. Whoever has the most points after four rounds wins."
"If we do not have a full set of contestants, the competition will begin in [3...2] minutes."
"We have room for [8...1] more contestants. Speak to me to join the competition!"
During competition
"Let the competition begin! Tag as many hatchlings as you can."
"The next round is about to begin. Beware of red hatchlings; they are worth no points and knock down anyone who touches them."
"The next round is about to bein. Try to tag white hatchlings; they are worth 2 points and tagging one Cripples adjacent contestants for 10 seconds."
"The final round is about to being. Points are doubled this round!"
"<Name> tags a hatchling. (+x points)"
"<Name> tags a red hatchling and is knocked down. (No points!)"
"<Name> tags a white hatchling. (+x points) Adjacent contestants move slower for 10 seconds."