Priestess of Melandru

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"The Priests of Balthazar are quite upset, it seems. They sense grave danger on the horizon, and while we have sensed this as well, we do not feel that crushing the spirit of the local population is the best way to prepare. Of course, the Priests of Balthazar have been less than receptive to our alternative solutions."

"Against our better judgment, we have agreed to meet them in battle with all forces we can muster, so we can show the residents of Tyria once and for all that, with hope and camaraderie, we can survive anything. If you wish to serve Dwayna and Melandru, speak with Melandru's Watcher. Should you wish to join forces with Grenth and Balthazar, you should speak with the Champion of Balthazar."

— The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods

Priestess of Melandru
Priestess of Melandru.jpg
Affiliation Melandru
Type Human
Service Travel NPC
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies

The Priestess of Melandru is quest giver for those who choose to support Melandru and Dwayna during Wintersday.



Quests given:


"With haste comes carelessness. I am here to ensure the Priests of Balthazar don't destroy the delicate balance of nature, nor the balance of the Wintersday rivalry."
UnknownI'm ready for the battle, send me to the front!
NoI'm not ready for this sort of pressure!
Wintersday 2010
"The sooner this Winterday nonsense is over, the sooner we can turn our attentions to more serious matters."