Melandru's Watcher

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Melandru's Watcher
Melandru's Watcher.jpg
Affiliation Melandru
Types Spirit
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 15 (20), 30
Campaigns Core

The Melandru's Watcher is the avatar of the goddess Melandru. It can be summoned by kneeling at any statue of Melandru.

They are also enemies encountered during The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods and its PvP counterpart.


See Statue of Melandru for a list of statue locations.


In explorable areas, players can buy a blessing from the avatar.

Blessings offered


Blessing Effect Cost
Holy Blessing.jpg Holy Blessing ("To conquest") You have +25 maximum Health and +3 Health regeneration. (All living party members also gain this blessing.) 50 Gold
Favor of the Gods.jpg Morale Boost ("To courage") All party members (living or dead) gain a 2% morale boost and their skills are recharged. (Not technically a blessing.) 100 Gold

Factions and Nightfall[edit]

Dervish of the Earth is only offered in Nightfall.

Blessing Effect Cost
Favor of the Gods.jpg Favor of the Gods You gain a 2% morale boost. (Your skills are also recharged. Not technically a blessing.) 75 Gold
Strength of the Oak.jpg Strength of the Oak For 20 minutes, you have +50 maximum health. 50 Gold
Shielding Branches.jpg Shielding Branches For 20 minutes, you have +20 armor against elemental damage. 100 Gold
Ranger of Melandru.jpg Ranger of Melandru For 20 minutes, all your Ranger attributes are raised by 1. 150 Gold
Disciple of the Earth.jpg Disciple of the Earth For 20 minutes, your Earth Magic attribute is raised by 1. 150 Gold
Favor of the Gods.jpg Dervish of the Earth For 20 minutes, your Earth Prayers attribute is raised by 1. 150 Gold



"Many are the aspects of Melandru. Do you dedicate this offering to one in particular?"