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Elemental damage is a grouping of four types of damage:

Any source of damage from these types will trigger effects that check for elemental damage.

Elemental damage is mainly dealt by elementalists, since they specialize in taming and controlling the four elements. However, elemental damage sources come from a range of professions, and likewise, many professions have specific counters or bonuses against certain elemental attacks.

Any damage from the four elemental sources counts as elemental damage, and thus a skill like Elemental Resistance will protect against all four sources, while one such as Mantra of Frost will only defend against cold damage. Ranger armor, for instance, has an inherent +30 armor rating against elemental damage, and thus are better defended in the face of elemental sources than other professions.

There are no sources of "pure" elemental damage without one of the four subtypes.

Equipment that protects against elemental damage[edit]

Skills that protect against elemental damage[edit]

Skills that benefit from elemental damage[edit]


Damage types
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