Dagger Handle

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Dagger Handle
Dagger Handle.png
Rarity Common
Type Dagger suffix upgrade component
Stackable No
Campaign Factions
Eye of the North

A Dagger Handle is the suffix upgrade for a pair of daggers. It can be salvaged from a pair of daggers using an Expert Salvage Kit, Superior Salvage Kit or a Perfect Salvage Kit.

Name Description
of Defense Armor +4...5
of Shelter Armor +4...7 (vs. physical damage)
of Warding Armor +4...7 (vs. elemental damage)
of Enchanting Enchantments last 10...20% longer
of Fortitude Health +20...30
of Dagger Mastery Dagger Mastery +1 (10...20% chance while using skills)


  1. Priests of Balthazar will not have these available for unlocking on accounts without Factions.

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