Desert Wurm (disguise)

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Desert Wurm

Disguise. You have been swallowed by a great wurm. You can command the wurm to move and use its skills.

Concise description

Disguise. You have been swallowed by a great wurm. You can command the wurm to move and use its skills.

Game mechanics[edit]

  • The Junundu skills will replace all skills of the character inside, except Signets of Capture. The Signets of Capture will still be usable inside the wurm (and the corresponding wurm skill will not be). When capturing a skill while riding a Junundu, the newly captured skill will be replaced by the corresponding Junundu skill. As a result, players cannot use any skills other than Junundu skills while riding a Junundu.
    • If you do bring a Signet of Capture avoid covering slot 7, Junundu Wail (your only resurrection skill). Replace Unknown Junundu Ability (if you don't have Junundu Siege yet) or Leave Junundu. Regular skill slot swapping doesn't change which Junundu skill is replaced. When taking a Signet of Capture, enter the Junundu and just look at your skill bar for any skills you wouldn't mind replacing. If so, just leave the Junundu again and adjust your skill arrangement in the Skills and Attributes Panel.
  • While under this disguise, party members have 22 less armor rating against elemental damage; they may also have a decreased armor rating against physical damage.
  • Only consumables and bonus modifiers (i.e. inscriptions, weapon upgrade components, insignias, runes, and blessings) affect the disguise's maximum health and energy. To apply the bonus modifiers, one must equip or re-equip the armor piece(s) or weapon(s) that decrease(s) (i.e. major and/or superior attribute runes and certain inscriptions) or increase(s) health and/or energy. The maximum health and energy are not affected by the base health and/or energy bonuses on staves, focus items nor armor.
  • Upon entering this disguise, certain effects are removed; however, certain consumable effects (i.e. from Armor of Salvation, Essence of Celerity, and Grail of Might) and certain skill effects (i.e. shouts [such as "I Am the Strongest!"], signets [such as Signet of Strength], untyped skills, and weapon spells) will not be removed. You can also keep hold of what you are carrying (i.e. bundle items).
  • The disguise has the same energy regeneration of the party member inside. Equipped items with energy regeneration -1 will effect the energy regeneration, such as weapons or offhands with "Seize the Day" or "Live for Today"
  • If your weapon has a Vampiric or Zealous modifier on it, you will continue to gain its benefit (Life Draining or 1 energy gain per hit) and drawback (health regeneration -1 or energy regeneration -1).

  • While under this disguise, attacks deal a fixed amount of armor-ignoring damage, based on weapon type:
    • Axes, hammers, and swords deal 55 damage per hit.
    • Daggers deal 40 damage per hit with a chance to double strike.
    • Scythes deal 35 damage per hit and can hit two adjacent secondary targets.
    • Bows deal 40 damage per hit and have a ranged attack; range varies with bow type.
    • Spears deal 55 damage per hit and have a ranged attack.
    • Wands and staves deal 40 damage per hit and have a ranged attack.
    • Considering the damage listed above and weapon attack speed, but not considering Life Draining if a weapon has a Vampiric modifier:
      • Axes and swords will deal more damage per second than hammers.
      • Spears will deal more damage per second than hammers. Also, spears have a ranged attack while hammers do not.
  • If your weapon's damage has a specific type, the Junundu's weapon is the same. For example, wielding a weapon that deals holy damage causes your Junundu to deal double damage against undead on attacks.

  • Animal companions die when their owner enters a Junundu, which does not cause Death Penalty. They continue to gain experience normally and will reappear, alive, beside their owner when they leave the Junundu.
    • This does not happen during the Gate of Desolation mission. Instead, animal companions will also enter a Junundu. They will have 3,000 health, deal 73 armor-ignoring damage (regardless of type, level, evolution and the owner's Beast Mastery) with attacks and be able to cross sulfur, but will not use skills and will not be resurrected by Junundu Wail. If an animal companion dies in a Junundu, it will reappear as above when its owner leaves their Junundu.


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Junundu Strike.jpg
Junundu Strike
Junundu Smash.jpg
Junundu Smash
Junundu Bite.jpg
Junundu Bite
Elite skill
Junundu Tunnel.jpg
Junundu Tunnel
Junundu Feast.jpg
Junundu Feast
Junundu Wail.jpg
Junundu Wail
Leave Junundu.jpg
Leave Junundu


You enter this disguise by interacting with a Wurm Spoor in the Desolation (provided all members in team have completed Gate of Desolation and that there is no foe nearby).

Related skills[edit]


  • Junundu models respond to some emote commands:
    • /dance : The Junundu wiggles from side to side.
    • /sit or /afk : The Junundu burrows in the sand.
    • /stand : Just the /sit animation backwards.
    • /roar : The Junundu performs the Junundu Wail animation (though not as high), and sometimes with sound.
  • Junundu do not show the /kneel emote, but it may be used to summon the Gods' avatars at the resurrection shrines.
Bug Bug.Sometimes heroes and henchmen will leave their Junundu in the Sulfurous Haze, killing themselves and preventing their resurrection through Junundu Wail.
Bug Bug.Heroes using a form might not take on the Junundu appearance (the Junundu skill bar will still take place).
Bug Bug.Although none of the Junundu's skills are spells, using Junundu Feast without an available corpse gives the message "Invalid spell target."