Burning Breath

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Skill. Spit a burning projectile at target foe that strikes for 250 fire damage and sets that foe on fire for 5 seconds if it hits. This skill cannot be used on nearby foes.

Concise description

Skill. Projectile: deals 250 fire damage and inflicts Burning (5 seconds). Cannot be used on nearby foes.


You have a 33% chance of gaining this skill after using Junundu Feast, which is available whenever your character is riding a Junundu, from the Gate of Desolation mission onward through the rest of the Desolation.


  • This skill is a good alternative to Junundu Siege and can be used while it is recharging.
  • If you try to activate it targeting a foe in nearby or shorter range, the skill will fail before starting to activate and without warning message.
Bug Bug.Though the skill description lists it to have a 2 second activation time, Burning Breath activation actually lasts 3 seconds.