Wurm Spoor

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Wurm Spoor
Wurm Spoor.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Nightfall

Wurm Spoors can only be found in The Desolation and are used to summon a Junundu once you earn the right to ride one after completing the Gate of Desolation mission. Wurm Spoors are found in sandy terrain, usually near the entrances of towns or the edges of the Sulfurous Haze.


  • A Wurm Spoor cannot be used if there are foes in a certain radius of it.
    • It will say that there is an enemy nearby if a hyena wanders within range, even when it is not hostile.
  • If any of your party members have not earned the right to ride a Junundu, none of the party members will be able to use it. A message will be displayed showing which party member has not earned the right to ride one, and a junundu will roar at you if you approach a wurm spoor before earning the right to ride.
  • If any of your heroes or henchmen is too far away when the spoor is activated, a worm may not appear for them to ride. To prevent this, ensure all they are within earshot before activating this object.