Junundu Bite

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Skill. Target touched foe is struck for 375 piercing damage. If you strike a knocked down foe, you gain 500 Health.

Concise description

Touch Skill. Deals 375 piercing damage. You are healed for 500 if target foe is knocked-down.


This skill is available whenever your character is riding a Junundu, from the Gate of Desolation mission onward through the rest of the Desolation.


  • If you use Junundu Bite immediately after you use Junundu Smash, the knock down caused by Junundu Smash lasts just long enough to gain health from Junundu Bite.
  • If used while in the Junundu Tunnel stance, the knock down is applied before Junundu Bite is finished, thereby gaining health from this skill.
Bug Bug.Contrary to the descriptions, this skill causes health gain and not healing.