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Healing is both a general term for the act of gaining health and a specific mechanical term related to certain effects that grant health. The healing player and healed player see blue numbers showing the amount healed. Blue numbers are shown even when no health are actually gained (usually because the character is at full health).

Healing modifiers[edit]

Modifiers that affect the caster[edit]

These skills affect the healing output of the caster. Only specific sources of healing are modified.

Modifiers that affect the healed[edit]

These modifiers will affect any healing the target receives, including Divine Favor and any indirect effects, but not health gain (see below).

Increases healing
Decreases healing

These effects stack multiplicatively. Healing reduction from multiple sources is capped at -40%.

Skills that cause healing[edit]

Skills that punish healing[edit]

These skills are not triggered by all forms of healing. See below for details.

Which kinds of healing are affected by which modifiers?[edit]

Affected by all modifiers[edit]

These skills' healing is modified by all modifiers, and they trigger both punishment hexes.

Only affected by modifiers on the healed[edit]

These sources of healing are only affected by modifiers on the healed. They do not trigger the punishment hexes.

Healing vs. health gain[edit]

Healing is not the only source of health gain. Health regeneration, life stealing, life draining and most effects described as causing the target to "gain health" rather than be "healed" do not count as healing; these are not modified by healing modifiers, nor do they trigger the hexes mentioned above.

Anomaly Anomaly.Several skill descriptions, such as those of Healing Burst, Mantra of Signets and Mantra of Signets (PvP) use the wording "health gain", but actually cause healing. The amount of health gained is therefore affected by modifiers.

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