Empathic Removal

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Empathic Removal

  • 5 Energy
  • 1 Activation
  • 7 Recharge
Elite spell
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Elite Spell. You and target other ally lose 1 condition and 1 hex, and are healed for 50.

Concise description

Elite Spell. Removes one condition and hex from target ally and yourself, and heals for 50. Cannot self-target.


Signet of Capture

Related skills[edit]

See also: Doublecast skill


  • This skill removes a hex, removes a condition, and then heals. Thus conditions or hexes that are removed by this spell will not affect the healing amount.
  • Hexes that produce conditions when they end (Phantom Pain and Hidden Caltrops for example) are countered perfectly.
  • Heroes know how to properly use this skill, using it on allies without hexes/conditions to cleanse themselves and using it on allies when they themselves are not afflicted.
    • AI will use this spell on allies for just its healing aspect as well.
  • The self healing can be made profitable when using skills with a health sacrifice, and the condition removal when using skills that inflict conditions on oneself.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike other healing skills, this spell can target spirits to remove burning. However, Empathic Removal will not heal the spirits.