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Party healing refers to using skills that provide healing, health gain or health regeneration to all party members.


Damage can be taken in a variety of ways. While most sources of damage will affect only a single target, there are numerous damaging abilities that may affect more than one foe. Skills that damage more than one foe are usually, but not always, referred to as having an area of effect.

As a team progresses through an area, they may encounter a situation where multiple players on the team have taken damage. In these situations, party healing skills are more effective to use over single target heals because they compress time and save energy as compared to healing each party member individually.

Though party healing skills can be quite effective when used for their intended purposes, they do come with drawbacks, such as having a high initial energy cost and often a long recharge. Because of this, they must be used tactically and at the most opportune moment.

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