Junundu Tunnel

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the player version of Junundu Tunnel. For the monster skill, see Junundu Tunnel (monster skill).

Stance. For 10 seconds, you move 66% faster. This skill ends if you use a skill. When this skill ends, all adjacent foes are knocked down for 3 seconds.

Concise description

Stance. (10 seconds.) You move 66% faster. End effect: knocks-down adjacent foes (3 seconds). Ends if you use a skill.


This skill is available whenever your character is riding a Junundu, from the Gate of Desolation mission onward through the rest of the Desolation.

Related skills[edit]


  • This stance increases average speed by 22% if used every time it recharges.
  • If you use Junundu Bite while in this stance, the knock down is applied before the attack is calculated, thus gaining health from Junundu Bite.
  • If this stance is active when leaving a Junundu, it will remain in effect for the remaining duration or until you use a skill, and it will still knock down adjacent foes upon ending.