Divine Halo

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Divine Halo
Profession Any Any-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Prophecies or Nightfall
Divine Halo f.jpg Divine Halo m.jpg

The Divine Halo is a festival hat which can be obtained from Brrrtie by exchanging a Frozen Accessory Token since Wintersday 2012.

Divine Halo front.jpg Divine Halo left.jpg Divine Halo right.jpg Divine Halo back.jpg
Front Left profile Right profile Back
An image of the Divine Halo when dropped.
Character in White Rabbit Form wearing the Divine Halo.


  • Cannot be dyed.
  • The Divine Halo can still be seen when zoomed into first person perspective.
  • Unlike other hats, this one is not visible on the character's head in the inventory panel or the character selection screen.
  • Due to polygons in the helm, when you zoom your camera out the Halo appears as a pentagon.
  • Hair styles on your character will disappear if their head is under water while wearing the Halo.
  • Clipping issues with certain hair styles, such as high ponytails and high styled hairdos.
Bug Bug.If dropped on the ground, a white box will be present
Bug Bug.Unlike most hats, if you equip the Divine Halo while in a disguise or form, the Halo will appear over the head of the disguise or form. The Halo's visual appearance will disappear when a form ends on you. To get it back, re-equip the Halo.
Bug Bug.If you are zoomed in close enough that you are in first person view but not zoomed in all the way, you will be able to see the Halo when running forwards.


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