Furrocious Ears

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Furrocious Ears
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The Furrocious Ears are a festival hat obtained from Mad King Thorn, in Lion's Arch, during the Halloween 2010 event. Since 2012, it can also be obtained by exchanging one Ghoulish Accessory Token with Erulis during Halloween.


  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Some hairstyles interfere with the ears when they are worn, making them hard to see or even completely covered in some cases.


  • According to John Stumme, when he was an alpha tester for Guild Wars (in 2004), he was allowed to release screenshots. In one of these, as a prank, he edited in cat ears. To extend the joke, he created the "Kitty Ears Alliance [KEA]" guild. Later, Kristen Perry and Susan Jessup asked John if they could create a set of cat ears for the game.

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