Ghoulish Accessory Token

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Ghoulish Accessory Token
Ghoulish Accessory Token.png
Rarity Common
Type Reward trophy
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Event Halloween
Collector(s) Aahtan

Exchange for your choice of Halloween accessory.

— in-game description

Ghoulish Accessory Tokens are awarded by completing the Halloween quests Better You Than Me and Double Your Pleasure and RUN!, which can each be completed once per account every Halloween (with the exception of Halloween 2012).



Location: Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (only during Halloween from 2012 onward)
Collecting: 1 Ghoulish Accessory Token

Item (introduction year)
Wicked Hat m.png Wicked Hat (2006)
Mummy Mask.png Mummy Mask (2007)
Lupine Mask.png Lupine Mask (2008)
Skeleton Face Paint.png Skeleton Face Paint (2009)
Spectercles.png Spectercles (2010)
Reaper's Hood.png Reaper's Hood (2011)
Ghoulish Grab Bag.png Ghoulish Grab Bag (2012)


Location: Lion's Arch (only during Halloween from 2012 onward)
Collecting: 1 Ghoulish Accessory Token

Item (introduction year)
Pumpkin Crown.png Pumpkin Crown (2005)
Furious Pumpkin Crown.png Furious Pumpkin Crown (2006)
Scarecrow Mask.png Scarecrow Mask (2007)
Zombie Face Paint.png Zombie Face Paint (2008)
Charr Hat.png Charr Hat (2009)
Furrocious Ears.png Furrocious Ears (2010)
Tricorne.png Tricorne (2011)
Ghoulish Grab Bag.png Ghoulish Grab Bag (2012)



  • During Halloween 2012, accounts that had already completed one or both of the aforementioned quests prior to the October 22, 2012 update could complete them again for a maximum of four tokens in one Halloween event.

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