Better You Than Me

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Better You Than Me
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by Gul Terror
in Lion's Arch
Type Festival quest

Quest information[edit]


  • Acquire 50 pieces of Candy Corn by participating in Halloween activities.
  • See Gul Terror for your reward.



Initial dialogue[edit]

Gul Terror
"I'm not the biggest fan this holiday ever had, you know. I'll be glad when people stop running about scaring the pants off one another. There's plenty out there that's terrifying without the tricksters at play. Real horrors, like dryders and demons and...Dhuuuuum. A "harmless" joke can flutter a weak heart as much as a bona fide brush with death!
Anyway, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't ordered to. "You've got to do your part," the sorceress said. "It's your duty to the coven," she said. "Stop hiding under the table," she said, and then she gave me all these holiday accessory tokens.
I'd be happy to give you one, but I need to gather (let me check the note) candy corn. I know you can get it in those trick-or-treat bags, but that would involve fighting...creatures or travelling [sic] to the...Uuuuunderworld. I would never!"
Yes Accept: "Sure! I was going to do that anyway."
No Decline: "Do I look like the sort of person who shares their candy corn?"
Ask Ask: "I should be back at my shipyard, not waiting around for someone to frighten me all in the name of "fun!" Hurry back with that candy corn so I can fill my quota and depart."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Gul Terror
"Yes, this candy corn will be perfect for...eating. You can't eat that token though. In fact, I don't think it has much use other than being traded to Erulis for Halloween accessories. Not that I understand why anyone would want to look like a zombie or a scarecrow. Twisted!"


Bug Bug.Unlike other quests, this quest is not indicated with a "(Completed)" beside the quest name in the Quest Log after the objective is completed.
Bug Bug.You cannot accept the quest reward while your character's inventory is full and the inventory holds another Ghoulish Accessory Token in it, even though Ghoulish Accessory Tokens are stackable.