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Istani commoner m.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

Aahtan is a collector.



"Just when I think I've gotten rid of every festival accessory I can find, more show up. I was by the docks earlier when a courier told me I had a delivery. Sure enough, there was a huge crate waiting for me, filled to the brim with spectercles, mummy masks, and you name it! I couldn't find a return address, just a stencil on the box saying Craine Haberdashery. It's ridiculous.
But I have a new plan. Instead of trading for pumpkin cookies, I'll trade them for Ghoulish Accessory Tokens. One of the ship captains in the harbor said he'd take me somewhere they don't celebrate Halloween, but strangely that's the only currency he'll accept. So, you chat with Kehtokweh, figure out which of these...absurd adornments you don't have yet, and we'll make a deal.
All deals are final, by the way."

Collector items[edit]


Location: Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (only during Halloween from 2012 onward)
Collecting: 1 Ghoulish Accessory Token

Item (introduction year)
Wicked Hat m.png Wicked Hat (2006)
Mummy Mask.png Mummy Mask (2007)
Lupine Mask.png Lupine Mask (2008)
Skeleton Face Paint.png Skeleton Face Paint (2009)
Spectercles.png Spectercles (2010)
Reaper's Hood.png Reaper's Hood (2011)
Ghoulish Grab Bag.png Ghoulish Grab Bag (2012)


Location: Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (November 17-24, 2011)
Collecting: 50 Pumpkin Cookies

2011 Reaper's Hood.png
Reaper's Hood

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  • Aahtan was introduced in 2011.
  • From November 17-24, 2011, he appeared in Kamadan and offered the Reaper's Hood.
Previous dialogue
"We've survived yet another visit from Mad King Thorn. Isn't Kryta enough for him? Elona has enough problems, without him provoking Palawa Joko at every opportunity he gets. I want to be rid of any reminder of him there is... which is why I'm looking to get rid of those festival hats."
"How about it? My festival hat for 50 of your delicious Pumpkin Cookies?"