Double Your Pleasure and RUN!

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Double Your Pleasure and RUN!
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by Malavaka
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest

Quest information[edit]




Initial dialogue[edit]

"This town definitely has the right spirit. I spend most of my time in the wilderness, so it's nice to rejoin civilization occasionally, especially during THE END TIMES FOR THE UNWORTHY! I WILL FEAST ON YOUR SOULS and some nice holiday sweets. I'm particularly a fan of baked goods. I know some people prefer more sugar-loaded treats, but nothing beats a crunchy cookie decorated with DEVASTATION AND THE CORPSES OF THE INNOCENT!
Listen, I'm collecting pumpkin cookies to take back to the rest of the coven. If you were to bring me a whole armload of them, say 50 or so, then I would give you ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF SUFFERING, FLAYED FROM TOP TO TAIL AND GORED ON a holiday accessory token. Deal?"
Yes Accept: "Your offer is a little scary, you know that? Brilliant, but scary."
No Decline: "I'll just let the two of you be alone."
Ask Ask: "Do you have those pumpkin cookies yet? I was just thinking to myself how they REEK OF THE IMPURE! TORTURE AND DAMNATION really are delightful. Hurry back!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Excellent! Now I have some treats for the other members. It's a pity they're DAMNED AND CORRUPTED, BANISHED FROM THE LIGHT, instead of joining the party. I know Haberdasher Craine is particularly hard at work supervising production of the holiday accessories. Which reminds me, you should be off to Aahtan to trade in this token. Make your choice carefully, you only get ONE CHANCE TO MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!"


Bug Bug.Unlike other quests, this quest is not indicated with a "(Completed)" beside the quest name in the Quest Log after the objective is completed.
Bug Bug.You cannot accept the quest reward while your character's inventory is full and the inventory holds another Ghoulish Accessory Token in it, even though Ghoulish Accessory Tokens are stackable.