Deldrimor Armor Remnant

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Deldrimor Armor Remnant
Deldrimor Armor Remnant.png
Rarity Unique
Type Reward trophy
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Armor Remnants.jpg

A Deldrimor Armor Remnant can be used to change a single hero's armor set to a hero version of Deldrimor armor. To change a hero's armor, speak to Gunnar Poundfist in Gunnar's Hold while that hero is in your party.

Only Eye of the North heroes are eligible for this armor:



  • Once a hero has been given at least one alternate set of armor, you can switch between any of their unlocked sets at any hero armorers corresponding to that hero.
  • A hero must be wearing one of their alternate armor sets to be displayed in the Monument of Fellowship in the Hall of Monuments.