Gunnar Poundfist

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Gunnar Poundfist
Norn Commoner.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Norn
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Hero armorer
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Gunnar Poundfist is the master of Gunnar's Hold, as well as a hero armorer. He is renowned hunter and armor smith among the Norn.

He accepts Deldrimor Armor Remnants to produce Deldrimor armor for all heroes that can be unlocked in Guild Wars Eye of the North.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



In Gunnar's Hold:

Welcome, young one. Have you come to hear tales of the founding of Gunnar's Hold and the legends on my family? Or maybe you seek my smithing skill?
Gunnar, what can you tell me about the Norn?
The Norn are a proud, independent people who have roamed these mountains for centuries, settling where we choose, hunting where we can, slaying when we must. We value individual power and self-reliance above all else. The Norn make their names in this world through deeds; we are known by our actions, by our conquests.
When faced with strangers, most Norn will battle first to determine the worth of a potential ally or adversary. But, while our battle fury burns hot, it passes quickly. The Norn who grounds your face into the snow in the morning will likely toast you with ale in the tavern at noon meal. Such is the Norn way.
I took this stead as a young Norn, and have watched it grow over time. I earned my prestige as a smith by forging the finest weapons in the north from rare and mystic metals. With my passing, one of my children may run the stead, or another hero will come forward and the hold will change names. I have left behind my name and my legends to inspire my people. This is also the Norn way.
Can you tell me where to find other powerful Norn?(as below)
Thank you! (back to top)
Can you tell me where to find other powerful Norn?
Sif Shadowhunter is a great tracker who lives north of Drakkar Lake in Sifhalla. Olaf Olafson watches over Raven's Point from his stead in the center of Varajar Fells. Egil Fireteller is a wise elder who lives as a hermit in Jaga Moraine.
Gunnar, what can you tell me about the Norn? (as above)
Thank you! (back to top)
What can you smith for me?
There is no greater metal worker than a Norn, and no stronger armor than that forged from Deldrimor alloys. I learned the Dwarven secrets of working Deldrimor metals from Master Armorer Kor. Now, he may have showed me the trick to working Dwarven metals, but I can smith rings around that tiny little beard of his!
Bring me Deldrimor armor remnants, and I can upgrade the armor of one of your Heroes. Whose armor would you like to change?
Yes[Hero Name] (repeated for each EotN hero)
Your Hero [Hero Name] isn't in your party. I cannot make armor for someone who isn't here. (if not in party)
What about my other Heroes? (return to hero selection)
No I'll be on my way.
Yes, if you can bring me some Deldrimor armor remnants, I will craft [Hero Name] some Deldrimor Armor. (if you have no remnants)
What about my other Heroes? (return to hero selection)
No I'll be on my way.
[Hero Name] is currently wearing [Hero Armor Set Name]. Which armor set would you like [Hero Name] to wear?
YesDefault Armor (only if not worn)
YesBrotherhood Armor (only if available and not worn)
YesDeldrimor Armor (Give Deldrimor armor remnants.) (only if not available yet)
YesDeldrimor Armor (only if available and not worn)
[Hero Name] is now wearing [Hero Armor Set Name]. Let me know if you wish to change your Hero's armor. (same for all choices)
What about my other Heroes? (return to hero selection)
Thank you! (back to top)
No I'll be on my way.
What about my other Heroes? (return to hero selection)
No I'll be on my way.
What about my other Heroes?
I can't craft anything for your other Heroes. If you look elsewhere, I'm sure you'll find someone who can upgrade their armor.
Thank you! (back to top)
Thank you! (back to top)
No I'll be on my way.

In Epilogue:

"You are always welcome in Gunnar's Hold. I would make a great statue of you... if you were just a bit taller."


  • Gunnar is a historical and legendary figure in Scandinavian History. The name itself is an anglicised version of Gunther. In Old Norse, "Gunnarr" is derived from the "gunnr" (meaning "war") and "arr" (meaning "warrior").

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