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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) None (see notes)
Epilogue map.jpg
A map of the area

The Epilogue is a special type of explorable area in Guild Wars Eye of the North. It is entered only by completing A Time for Heroes.


The NPCs are grouped according to their affiliations


Deldrimor Dwarves (above the stairs, where your party appears)

The Ebon Vanguard humans (to the left of the foot of the stairs)

The Factions henchmen (northwest of the foot of the stairs)

The rest of the henchmen (near the center of the chamber):

Asura (north side of the chamber)

The Shining Blade (near the Asura)

Norn (southwestern corner of the chamber)

Heroes from the Norn Fighting Tournament (near the Norn)

Charr (towards the south)

Jelly (furthest from the stairs)


Some of the groups have intermediate dialogue that starts when a character approaches. Ogden is initially standing at the top of the stairs, while Gwen, Pyre, Vekk, and Jora are standing at the bottom. As you go down the stairs, the following dialogue takes place, and when completed, all five heroes will walk to their respective groupings.

Gwen: "These bad guys should know by now. You can't stop a real hero."
Pyre Fierceshot: "When you set your mind on victory, the world has no chance but to hear you roar. That is the difference between a hero... and a corpse."
Gwen: "The Charr is right... this time. I suspect the world has not heard the last of you!"
Jora: "A human agreeing with a Charr? Without insults? Strike me senseless!"
Vekk: "I am amazed they even talk to each other. There may be hope yet."

Dialogue from the Ebon Vanguard group:

Captain Langmar: "Hearing <character name>'s heroic tales gives me real hope for Ascalon."
Artificer Mullenix: "No matter what the Charr boast, we will reclaim Ascalon one day."
Captain Langmar: "I wouldn't let myself believe it before, but <character name> has shown me that there are still heroes in the world, even after the horrors of the Searing. It may take time, but I have hope. Thank you, <character name>."

Dialogue from Devona and friends:

Devona: "We have cheated Grenth's grip once more and lived. And yet I wonder... Perhaps it is time we hung up our blades; let someone else fight the monsters."
Mhenlo: "I know how you feel, Devona. But, so long as there is evil in the world, we cannot give up."
Cynn: "Baldie is right. As long as there are bad guys to set on fire, we have to carry the torch and, you know, burn them to cinders. Right?"
Mhenlo: "Er... yes. That's what I was trying to say."
Devona: "I guess so. And after <character name>'s great victory, how can we do less? For Ascalon, and for glory!"
Eve: "Unless we all die trying... But that's never stopped us before."

The Asura group's dialogue:

Doff: "It's genius! All we have to do is adjust the difibricator and cause an overload in rear activity gate drive!"
Lork: "What will that do?"
Doff: "Oh, probably nothing. But possibly everything! We could rule the world! Or it could blow us all to smithereens."
Mamp: "I could get a krewe together for that in three, maybe four hours."
Lork: "Look, <character name> just finished saving all of us. Can't we wait to endanger the world again until after supper at least?"
Doff: "*sigh* Fine."

The dialogue as you approach the Norn group:

Gunnar Poundfist: "Bear has blessed <character name>! I've rarely seen anyone... even a Norn... with such courage."
Olaf Olafson: "I taught <character name> and companions everything they know. From how to hold a sword to what spells to use in combat. It's all because of me."
Egil Fireteller: "Stuff it between the horns, Olaf! My stories are amazing, but nothing compared to those of !" [sic]
Olaf Olafson: "Alright, alright. Hail to <character name>! The only human as brave as a Norn, and the only hunter as good as me!"


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