Roan Fierceheart

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Roan Fierceheart
Charr elementalist.jpg
Affiliation Fierce Warband
Type Charr
Professions Monk Monk
Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Roan Fierceheart is a member of Pyre Fierceshot's warband.




Quests involved in:


14 Divine Favor, 15 Smiting Prayers (20 Divine Favor in Hard mode)


During Warband of Brothers and in the Epilogue:

"Human, your odor is like a frogman's on a humid afternoon. My nose, my eyes... they burn!"

Dalada Uplands:

Did you have something to say to me, human? I didn't think so.
YesI am ready to attack the hierophants stronghold.
The assault command has been given. We must take the armored saurus into Sacnoth Valley posthaste! The warband awaits you there. Are you ready to attack the hierophant's stronghold?
YesBurntsoul's reign ends today. (sent to The Hierophant's Stronghold)
NoI'm not ready yet.

During Assault on the Stronghold:

"We are the fierce! We are Charr!"