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Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaigns Eye of the North
Location in Magus Stones.

The long-suffering Blimm is a capable Asura and former disgruntled employee to the famous Golemancer Oola. After the Trial of Zinn, he traveled north to assist the Shining Blade with developing a weapon against the Mursaat.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Rata Sum, Magus Stones
"Have you seen my staff?"
"Oola's Lab is in shambles. Now is my chance to show her my ability to take up the slack! Or set myself on fire using her tools. Either way, she'll be impressed."
Trial of Zinn, before trial
"She's a schemer...that's what she does. She schemes. Not just mean, crafty too. I could've set the whole lab...set the whole lab on fire."
Trial of Zinn, after verdict
"It's not right...Oola wins again. She had my staff you know. Red Asuraline staff. Moved me to the cellar without the staff. It's not right."
Divinity Coast
"If you increase the parthogenic wave frequency, the energy absorption rate increases dramatically... Hey! Will you bookahs stand downwind? The smell is distracting."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"If this doesn't work, I'll blame Zinn. Needed more time. Told him, I did. Not my fault. Don't take my staff!"
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"Have I told you about the time I did not receive a piece of Asuracake? This time...this time I will be sure to get some cake, even if it is bookahcake. They...they told me I would receive a piece. You don't think that...that the cake is a lie do you? If it is a lie again...I'll...I'll burn it all down."


Magus Stones and Rata Sum
"And I said, "I don't care if you fire me either," because I told her... I told Oola that if she moves my desk one more time, then, then I'm... I'm quitting."
"Have you seen my staff?"
"I could put... I could put... poison in the green plant dip."
"I could set the workshop on fire. I could."
"I didn't much like working for Oola. She moved my desk four times, and I told her not to move my desk anymore, and then she moved it into the cellar and stopped paying me. Yeah. I didn't like that."
"It's not ok, because if she stole my staff, I'm going to burn her lab down."
"Last time Oola had a party, I did not receive a piece of Asuracake, even though I was told I would receive a piece."


  • This character's meekness, instablity, and most of his dialogue are all based on the character Milton Waddams from the 1999 comedy film Office Space.
  • His quote, "You don't think that...that the cake is a lie do you?" copies the text of a graffito found in the video game, Portal.
  • Blimm and Zinn were interviewed by Murro in the War Chronicles.
  • Blimm's fate is featured in the opening chapter of Ghosts of Ascalon.