Trial of Zinn

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Trial of Zinn
War in Kryta 10.jpg
Section Tarnished Coast Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Eye of the North
Given by Chark
in Arbor Bay
(Tarnished Coast)
Part of The War in Kryta
Preceded by Zinn's Task or The Knowledgeable Asura
Type Secondary quest

The Trial of Zinn is one part of the Guild Wars Beyond content. It takes place in an alternate version of Vlox's Falls. Speak with Chark outside Vlox's Falls to attend.

Access to this trial requires completion of the quest Zinn's Task or completion of The Knowledgeable Asura portion of the Eye of the North campaign. You may also join the party of a player who has met those requirements.



The Arcane Council:

The Persecution:

The Defense:





Immediately on arrival
Chark: "You're finally here, bookah. Per Asuran custom, no one may speak to the council, defense, or persecution for the duration of the trial. So, quickly conclude any business you have with them, and step into the witness area when you are ready for us to begin."
When you have stepped into the witness area
Councilor Mamp: "This session of the Arcane Council is called to order. We are here to adjudicate very serious charges against the Golemancer Zinn, also known as Zinn the Amazing, The Zinnsational Zinn, Supergenius Zinn, Intruder Zinn, and ahem, Mister Zinncompetent."
Zinn: "What!? Who calls me that?"
Councilor Oola: "Everyone does now, genius. But I was the one who started it, if that's what you're wondering."
Councilor Mamp: "Oola, enough! The charges against Zinn are as follows: 1. Mathematical turpitude. 2. Gross flummoxery in the first degree. 3. Reckless instigation of mayhem WITHOUT a permit. 4. An overdue library tome. What says the accused?"
Zinn: "Not guilty on all counts, except perhaps the tome. In my defense, by burning copies of Oola's Guide to Golemancy, I was doing a favor to young, impressionable Asura everywhere."
Councilor Oola: "Scoundrel!"
Zinn: "Hack!"
Councilor Oola: "Earbiter!"
10 minutes later...
Zinn: "Dimwit!"
Councilor Oola: "Nincompoop!"
20 minutes later...
Councilor Mamp: "Enough of this squabbling. Both of you pipe down now or I'll have the militia tweak your ears.Persecution[sic], your first witness!
Denn and Krayn: "Denn and Krayn for the persecution! Let the record reflect there are thirty-two witnesses here ready to testify. With that, the persecution rests."
Zinn: "OBJECTION! They can't NOT call the witnesses."
Denn and Krayn: "No need. Everyone knows you're guilty. Denn and Krayn!"
Councilor Mamp: "Overruled. In all fairness, Zinn, you are guilty and I have research of my own to get back to.Any[sic] witnesses for the defense before we convict you?"
Zinn: "Just myself; that's all I need."
Denn and Krayn: "Egomaniac. This is why he thinks it's okay to cause mass chaos and destruction without filing the proper paperwork in advance. Tell us, Zinn, why do you think you're so much better than the rest of us?"
Zinn: "I didn't say that!"
Denn and Krayn: "But you think it! Oola's a renowned golemancer, but you say her work is rubbish. Or maybe you're just jealous of her! Now why don't you answer the question?"
Zinn: "You want answers?"
Denn and Krayn: "We think we're entitled."
Denn and Krayn: "WE WANT THE TRUTH!"
Zinn: "You imbeciles are deficient in the cognitive faculties requisite to fully comprehend the truth! Or you're intentionally trying to infuriate me with your idiocy so that I lose my cool and lose the trial, but it won't work because I AM INNOCENT!"
Zinn: "I burned Oola's tome, but you should thank me for that. I didn't have a permit for the homicidal golems, but most of the mayhem was in human territory, so no permit was required. My mathematics are immaculate, and the only flummoxery going on here is this trial!"
Denn and Krayn: "Egomaniac. Ego and maniac. They're right there in the word. The persecution rests. Denn and Krayn."
Zinn: "OBJECTION! You already rested your case, you nimrods!"
Councilor Mamp: "THAT'S ENOUGH! Let's hear your closing remarks."
Denn and Krayn: "Denn and Krayn. International all know it. His golems. His responsibility. Simple as that."
Denn and Krayn: "It's in his name: guilty as Zinn. Vote guilty, councilors.Denn[sic] and Krayn."
Zinn: "This entire trial is a farce. Oola feels threatened by my superior golemancy and has called in favors to see me exiled."
Councilor Mamp: "Zinn, the time for wild accusations is during oral arguments, not closing statements. You're out of order!"
Zinn: "I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole trial is out of order!"
Councilor Mamp: "Be that as it may, we are the Arcane Council and you will abide by our ruling...once we tabulate our findings. Someone get me an abacus!"
5.2708 seconds later...
Councilor Mamp: "It is the unanimous finding of the Arcane Council that Zinn is guilty as charged on all counts. Zinn, you are hereby sentenced to banishment from Rata Sum and its subject lands for ten years. Premature repatriation will be punishable by death."
Councilor Mamp: "As is customary, the convicted may now make a threatening speech."
Zinn: "Listen up, brains for brains, you think you've won a victory against me today, but you are sorely mistaken. Mark my words: This sentence is a greater punishment for you, who will be deprived of my genius, than it is for me, who will be freed from your ignorance."
Zinn: "In conclusion, let me paraphrase my great uncle Fenwikk: Fools! I'll show you all!"


  • You do not need to unlock M.O.X. or include him in your party to access to this area, even though Chark's dialogue suggests otherwise.
  • It is possible to enter into areas not otherwise accessible. Return or similar Shadow Steps work well for this.
    • You can explore Arbor Bay by jumping past the Golem sentries, allowing you to uncover areas near the portals to Shards of Orr, Alcazia Tangle, and Riven Earth. (You can use the same method to go beyond the portal to Vloxen Excavation, but this area can be uncovered through normal game play.)
    • You can reach the platform where the trial takes place.
  • Your character can return to this version of Vlox's Falls by joining a party that includes those witnessing the trial for the first time.
  • All Heroes and Henchmen, as well as Ranger pets will be removed from the party for the duration of the trial, but once you return to town, the ranger pet will return.


  • The punishment bears similarities to the practice of Ostracism in ancient Athens, in which citizens could be banished from the city for a period of ten years, during which retribution would be death.
  • The title "Intruder Zinn" is a reference to the show, Invader Zim. The show is also referenced by G.O.X., who says, "I AM GOING TO SING THE DHUUM SONG NOW..."
  • Several lines are from the movie A Few Good Men, such as Zinn's overly verbose paraphrasing of "You can't handle the truth!" as said by Jack Nicholson's character.
  • Councilor Troi's name and initial comments about "being taken more seriously with this new tunic" appears to be be a reference to the Marina Sirtis' wardrobe changes on early episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • M.O.X.'s sentence : "If it does not comp-pute, you must ac-quit" refers to the infamous line from the trial of O.J. Simpson, "If that don't fit, you must acquit".
  • The Weapon Krewe Members talk about unleashing the Large Hydra Collider, a reference to the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Councilor Mintoc's name and comments are a reference to the television programme Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and is based on the character Mentok the Mind-Taker
  • Towards the end of the trial, Zinn protests: "I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole trial is out of order!", which is is a common misquotation of the line from the film "...And Justice for All". The actual quote is "You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They're out of order!"
  • After the trial, speaking to Councilor Mamp will have him reference two books: "Trial by Stone" and "To Kill a Moa Bird". The latter is a reference to the famous 1960 novel written by Harper Lee, "To Kill a Mockingbird".