Lian, Dragon's Petal

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Lian, Dragon's Petal
Jade Brotherhood Mesmer.jpg
Affiliation Jade Brotherhood
Type Human (boss)
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaigns Factions
Eye of the North
Lian, Dragon's Petal map.jpg
Location in Wajjun Bazaar

Lian, Dragon's Petal is a Jade Brotherhood boss that appears in Wajjun Bazaar.



Quests involved in:


15 Earth Magic (20 Earth Magic in hard mode)


During Deactivating P.O.X.
"No Am Fah I have ever killed was worth remembering."
During Trial of Zinn
"gold and platinum"
"to gild Oola's argument"
"all join against Zinn"
After the trial
"a deft maneuver"
"Zinn loses cool and the case"
"bravo, Denn and Krayn"


During the quest Deactivating P.O.X.
"Am Fah cowards, look to me! Whose corpses pile beneath my feet?"
"Am Fah ears and noses shall be the trophies of the day!"
"Even sewer dogs bleed red."
"Send your entire gang, fools! I shall kill every last one!"
"The foot of the dragon shall crush you all!"
"This night is for the Brotherhood!"

Items dropped[edit]


  • She does not spawn in Wajjun Bazaar during Closer to the Stars.
  • She appears as an ally during Deactivating P.O.X. (as Lian, Dragon Petal) and the Trial of Zinn.
    • Since she is an ally during Deactivating P.O.X., an easy way to capture Double Dragon is to let her die in the quest and capture then.
  • Does not spawn if The Gangs of Kaineng is active.


  • Her dialogue at the Trial of Zinn is written in the form of a haiku.