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Jade Brotherhood guild symbol

The two gangs-something of a misnomer, since each gang contains hundreds if not thousands of captains, money-men, thugs, and the like-control almost all trade, legal and illegal, in the Canthan capitol. The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood are in a state of constant cold warfare, which sometimes spills out into the streets, along with a lot of blood. For hundreds of years, neither has been able to topple the other, and out of necessity the rivals have been known to cooperate during the occasional crackdowns on their activities. Were one gang or the other ever to gain the upper hand, the resulting trade monopoly could conceivably lead to a coup against the throne, so the emperor's personal agents help ensure that never happens.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

The Jade Brotherhood is one of the two largest criminal organizations in Cantha, along with their rivals, the Am Fah.

The Jade Brotherhood's guild hall is located on a small island in the north of Wajjun Bazaar. Their first leader was Quufu; after her death, the guild was led by a Jade Brotherhood Lord and eventually by Reisen the Phoenix. The membership list is a manifesto kept by Ganshu the Scribe.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Kaineng City

Warrior 20 (26) Jade Brotherhood Knight
Warrior 10 (20) Jade Brotherhood Recruit1
Mesmer 20 (26) Jade Brotherhood Mesmer
Elementalist 20 (26) Jade Brotherhood Mage
Elementalist 10 (20) Jade Brotherhood Recruit1
Ritualist 20 (26) Jade Brotherhood Ritualist

Jade Bracelet
Guild Wars Beyond
Kaineng City

WarriorRitualist 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Warrior
RangerAssassin 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Ranger
MonkDervish 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Monk
NecromancerMesmer 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Necromancer
MesmerNecromancer 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Mesmer
ElementalistRitualist 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Elementalist
AssassinNecromancer 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Assassin
RitualistParagon 24 (26) Jade Brotherhood Ritualist

Jade Bracelet

  1. Only appears during quests.


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