Closer to the Stars

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Factions quest. For the Canthan equivalent of Ascension, see Weh no Su. For the Guild Wars 2 account-based title, see Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.

Closer to the Stars
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Nika
in Bukdek Byway
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Finding The Oracle
Followed by Nahpui Quarter
Type Primary quest
Closer to the Stars map.jpg
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Find the Oracle so that you can become Weh no Su. Nika has one last task for you to show the way.

Quest information[edit]




Start out from The Marketplace and enter Wajjun Bazaar. Head straight west to find Fishmonger Bihzun. Once you talk to him a Jade Brotherhood Knight will approach and accost the Fishmonger. The Knight will turn hostile and several groups of Jade Brotherhood will come at you, one at a time. Defeat them and defend the Fishmonger.

Talk to the Fishmonger again, and he will tell you where to go. Head south to Nahpui Quarter and talk to Loud Kou to gain entrance.






Boss-like foes[edit]

Humans (Am Fah)


Initial dialogue[edit]

"So my old master believes you are ready to become Closer to the Stars, does he? He must think you are very skilled to suggest such a thing... Hmmm...
I will tell you what. It has been some time since I saw the Oracle, but I believe Fishmonger Bihzun in Wajjun Bazaar can direct you to him. Tell Bihzun that Nika sent you. He will know what to do next."
Yes Accept: "Thanks. I'll ask Fishmonger Bihzun about the Oracle."
No Decline: "I don't think I'm ready for this."
Ask Ask: "I already told you. It has been a while since I have seen the Oracle. You should talk to Fishmonger Bihzun in Wajjun Bazaar if you want to find the Oracle. Just be sure the first thing you tell him is that Nika sent you."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Fishmonger Bihzun
"Nika sent you? Thank the gods! You are just in time. The Jade Brotherhood is returning any moment now!"

Jade Brotherhood arrives:

Jade Brotherhood Knight: "It is collection time, Bihzun. No more excuses."
Fishmonger Bihzun: "Nika's friends have promised to protect me. You will take no more of my gold!"
Jade Brotherhood Knight: "We fear neither Nika nor her friends. Get them, men!"
Fishmonger Bihzun
"I do not know anything about the Oracle of the Mists that Nika could not have told you herself. He can be found in Nahpui Quarter, but he only sees those he is already expecting. You can try pleading your case with the gatekeeper, Loud Kou, but he is surly and hard of hearing...keeps people from talking their way past him, I guess.
Oh, by the way, thank Nika for me the next time you see her! I am grateful that she sent you to drive off the Jade Brotherhood."
Loud Kou
"The CELESTIAL KIRIN is a sign that YOU are favored BY THE HEAVENS. I was told to watch for JUST such a SIGN!
Let me know when you are READY, and I will let you in to see the ORACLE OF THE MISTS!"
Yes We are ready to go.
"When you are ready to travel, I will take you to Nahpui Quarter. There, you may attempt to become Weh No [sic] Su."
Yes I am ready.
"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready before doing so. Do you wish to continue?"
Yes Yes. (Sent to Closer to the Stars (cinematic).)
No No.
No I need some more time.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Adept Nai
"All is as it should be. It is time for you now to become Closer to the Stars."


  • While this quest is active, it will cause a friendly Jade Brotherhood Knight to spawn inside the wall near the place where Lian, Dragon's Petal usually spawns. He is involved in a dialogue with Fishmonger Bihzun, he then turns hostile.
  • Becoming "Closer to the Stars" is similar to ascending in Prophecies or doing the quest Hunted! in Nightfall.
  • Entering and completely mapping the Nahpui Quarter outpost adds ~ 0.4% to Canthan Exploration Title.
Bug Bug.If you kill the Jade Brothers too fast, the quest will not update and thus not be able to be finished.