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Weh no Su means "to be closer to the stars" and is the Canthan equivalent of Ascension. One achieves this by fulfilling the trials of the Celestials and the Oracle of the Mists, currently Suun. The location of these trials and of the Oracle of the Mists moves periodically, requiring one to seek out the Oracle's adepts to find out where he currently resides.

Becoming Weh no Su allows one to see the spirits of the dead, even if they are hiding from mortal eyes, as well as becoming capable of entering the Realms of the Gods and learning new secondary professions.


In 1 AE, the eldest prince of Cantha, Chanang, defied royal tradition and studied the disciplines of the warrior and the monk, eventually becoming one of the first Canthan Ascendants. When Chanang rose to become the 11th Emperor of Cantha, he rejected the title Kaineng Chang (lord emperor) and adopted Kaineng Weh no Su (emperor closer to the stars). To this day, all princes of the Empire of the Dragon are expected to train in at least one of the heroic professions and achieve Ascension.


  • In the Factions campaign, one achieves this status after completing the Nahpui Quarter mission.
  • The Prophecies equivalent is known as Ascension, and is obtained by completing Augury Rock.
  • Characters created in Guild Wars Nightfall do not need to Ascend in order to access the Realms of the Gods, and instead merely have to complete the quest Hunted!. However, in the mission reward dialogue for that quest, Lonai does reference that the player has 'ascended to the position [of Sunspear leader]'.


  • "Weh no Su" may be inspired by "Zi wei dou shu", a phrase used in a form of Chinese fortune-telling, which means "The Destiny Path" or "Fate".