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Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Sunspear Modiki
in Yohlon Haven
Preceded by Consulate Docks
Followed by The Great Escape
Type Primary quest
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Find a suitable place to establish a base of operations.

Quest information




After talking to Zudash Dejarin, enter Marga Coast and head towards the village of Ronjok. Follow the quest marker to Elder Jonah (point J on the quest map). He will instruct you to speak with Guardsman Bahsi (point B). Speak to Guardsman Bahsi in order to enter Secure the Refuge, a mini-mission version of the Sunspear Sanctuary. Inside, you must kill the 5 groups of insects to trigger the cutscene and finish the quest. There are a few Bladed Veldt Termite patrols running around, but you are not required to kill them. After defeating the insects, speak to Lonai in the Sunspear Sanctuary to accept the quest reward.


Initial dialogue

Sunspear Modiki
"Our assault on Gandara was thwarted by Varesh Ossa and that demon army she somehow conjured. But, all is not lost. We are regrouping. First, we must establish a base of operations here in Kourna. So, pull yourself together. You can't afford to grieve over the loss of Koss and the others yet. There will be time for that later. The Sunspears need your leadership now.
Zudash Dejarin, a local merchant, may know a suitable place we can use as a command post. Can you consult with him while I tend to the other survivors?"
Yes Accept: "Koss would want us to kick Varesh's butt for him. Yeah!"
No Decline: "I'm going to hide under a rock for now."
Ask Ask: "(None)"

Intermediate dialogue

Zudash Dejarin
"Sunspears, eh? I heard about your debacle at Gandara. Varesh smashed your forces pretty good, and now you're scattered throughout Kourna. Poor, idealistic fools! You bring nothing but misfortune to all around you.
It would be best for us all if you were elsewhere. Let me think. I have an old comrade, Elder Jonah, who may be able to help you. He's in Ronjok. Go be his headache!"
Elder Jonah
"So you are the Sunspears who challenged Varesh? I'm not surprised Zudah [sic] fobbed you off on me. He's been bitter about Sunspears for years. But I'm afraid you cannot stay here, either. I put my village at risk simply by talking to you. Unless... Yes. I think I know the perfect place. There are some caverns behind the village. They were part of a temple complex once and flowed with sweet water, but they've since become overrun with vile creatures. Cleanse that place of its current inhabitants, and it will serve as a sanctuary for your group. Talk to Guardsman Bahsi. He will direct you on your way."
Guardsman Bahsi
"Tread carefully. As Elder Jonah always says, we have more to lose than our hides if we don't do what is right."

Secure the Refuge (cinematic) plays upon clearing out Secure the Refuge.

Reward dialogue

"This place isn't a palace, but at least we're safely hidden from Varesh's forces. We've set up a Command Post in the northern end where you can confer with your allies. With all of the events of the past few days, Kormir missing, and now being hunted by the Kournans, we'll need a strong new leader to guide us. It is only natural that you've ascended to this position. We must tend to the wounded now, but I've heard Nerashi has returned with word of Koss's fate. So much to do..."


Bug Bug.The quest log lists Zudash Dejarin as quest giver.