Augury Rock

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
Augury Rock
Augury Rock overview.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Crystal Desert
Type Cooperative
Party size 1
Duration Short
Preceded by Dunes of Despair,
Elona Reach,
and Thirsty River
Followed by The Dragon's Lair
The Hero's Journey
The Hero's Challenge
The Warrior's Path
The Ranger's Path
The Monk's Path
The Necromancer's Path
The Mesmer's Path
The Elementalist's Path

This is the area in the Mesa you access during the mission Augury Rock. To get here, talk to Great Ritual Priest Zahmut. Here you can find your Doppelganger and the key to ascend. This is a solo-mission. To access the Mesa, you have to light the three runes representing the ascension trials by walking onto them after stepping on the circle (which enchants you with Divine Fire). You can only do this if you have completed Dunes of Despair, Thirsty River, and Elona Reach.

Mission information[edit]


  • Defeat your Doppelganger.
  • *BONUS* Defeat the Doppelganger in under 10 minutes. (In Normal mode.)
  • *BONUS* Defeat the Doppelganger in under 2 minutes. (In Hard mode.)


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP
50,000 1 XP
1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png

1 Only for first time character ascension.


Hall of Ascension inside the Mesa
Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg Do NOT bring simple healing skills; these only delay the fight.
Doppelganger do NOT use PvE-only skills; exploit this!

Your only objective is to defeat the Doppelganger; you meet the bonus objective by killing it within 10 minutes (2 minutes on Hard mode).

To reach your opponent's location, speak to Great Ritual Priest Zahmut, who will take you to the area with the ghosts you met during the previous three missions. Walk past them and step on each of the three stones marked with ascension runes (the order does not matter). After a brief cinematic (showing the rock break open), you will be face to face with the doppel.

Understanding the Doppelganger[edit]

  • The Doppelganger is level 20 (Normal mode) or level 30 (Hard mode); it equips the same skills as you, and has rank 12 in each attribute of your primary and secondary professions, excluding the primary attribute of your secondary profession.
  • It uses maximum damage weapons without any upgrade components: a spear at distance, an axe in melee range. Its axe deals lightning damage. It can use any melee attack skill with its axe and any ranged attack skill with its spear.
  • It generally casts protections and creates spirits before attacking.
  • It generally heals itself and interrupts more effectively than you can.
  • Both you and the Doppelganger are under the effects of the Divine Fire enchantment for the duration of the mission.

Your advantages[edit]

The Doppelganger will outperform you in numbers, but you have some advantages which will help you defeat it:

  • Most importantly, you can use skills more intelligently than the AI.
  • You can pre-cast enchantments before being taken to the arena.
  • You can increase attribute ranks beyond 12 using runes and the +1 attribute rank from headgear.
  • It does not bring a pet or a shield (and cannot take advantage of related skills).

AI weaknesses[edit]

  • It does not use title-based skills (e.g. Asuran skills).
  • It uses "maintainable" skills even if they have no benefit (e.g. Air Attunement despite lacking other Air Magic spells, or point blank area of effect skills even if you fight at distance), wasting energy and time during which you can simply attack.
  • It rarely dodges.
  • It tends to prioritize the skill bar from left to right, so you can benefit by arranging sequences or chains oddly.
  • It does not execute sensible skill combos.
  • It does not spam skills.
  • It will foolishly use skills that remove useful enchantments or stances.

Viable options[edit]

  • You can leave skill slots empty.
  • Make sure you adjust your build to this mission, general purpose builds and techniques will not work.
  • Do not bring simple healing skills. These only delay the fight as the Doppelganger will also use those skills to heal itself.
  • Ensure you have max armor. If you do not have it yet, you can obtain it quickly through collectors in the Crystal Desert.
  • If fighting at distance, bring equipment or skills that protect against physical or piercing damage. For melee, bring protection against elemental or lightning damage.

Profession-specific tactics[edit]

Bear in mind that you can also employ most of these tactics if that profession is only your secondary profession. You may also want to combine tactics from your primary and secondary professions to speed up the process.



  • One-skill tactic: Bring a pet. Very effective for Hard mode in combination with below suggestions.
  • In Normal mode, bring Troll Unguent and Savage Shot; the Doppelganger will only use Savage Shot to interrupt spells, while you can easily prevent it from healing.
  • Use a preparation before the cinematic.
    • If you plan to use bow attack skills while staying in melee range, avoid Apply Poison, since it can affect any weapon.
  • Bring several traps and plant them along the side walkways. Avoid and lure the Doppelganger into them, and it will eventually die.
  • Bring a large number of nature rituals. The Doppelganger will waste time activating the rituals which will help or harm both sides equally. Very effective for Hard mode.
  • Bring Melandru's Arrows and Penetrating Attack to quickly kill the Doppelganger while it is casting nature rituals. Since you both have an enchantment on you (Divine Fire), your attacks will inflict constant bleeding and deal +damage. Every two attacks you can use Penetrating Attack.




  • One-skill tactic which is also very effective for Hard mode: Bring Empathy. Do not attack, dodge its attacks, maintain the hex, and wait for it to kill itself.
  • Hard mode - Bring Backfire, Shatter Enchantment and many long-casting enchantments that won't benefit it (Attunements work well for this). Place Shatter Enchantment in slot 7, and Backfire in slot 8. When the battle starts, the Doppelganger will prioritize spells from left to right, allowing you to cast Backfire while it is still casting enchantments on itself. After casting Shatter Enchantment, the Doppelganger may try to cast Backfire on you, so it is often best to wait until the Doppelganger is starting to run low on health before casting Shatter Enchantment.
  • Hard mode - Combine Backfire with Wastrel's Worry and Cry of Pain. Use Cry of Pain to interrupt Backfire. Spam Wastrel's Worry to trigger Backfire on the Doppelganger.


  • Bring many worthless, slow casting skills, like Attunements, Conjure spells, a Glyph and maybe enchantments from your secondary profession. Place a simple damaging spell (like Flare) in skill slot 8. Cast the enchantments you need before the cinematic. Then kill the Doppelganger while it's busy setting up enchantments and glyphs.
  • Bring a fiery or icy weapon and Conjure Flame or Frost, respectively. Glyph of Elemental Power is an added bonus. Cast the Glyph and then the Conjure spell before the cinematic. The Doppelganger's axe deals lightning damage, so it doesn't benefit from these skills. You should win by simply attacking.
    • Similarly, bring Mark of Rodgort and a fiery weapon. The Doppelganger has a lightning weapon, so you will not be affected by Mark of Rodgort.
  • Bring only Blinding Flash and bring a wand or staff. Maintain Blind on the Doppelganger. The AI will not Blind you unless you use a martial weapon.
  • Use your secondary class to damage the Doppelganger when it attacks (e.g. Empathy for Mesmers). Protect yourself by using Blinding Flash. You can add Armor of Earth, Armor of Frost or Ward Against Melee/Ward Against Elements to make it even safer.
  • Hard mode - Use Elemental Lord to heal yourself and increase your attribute skills. Remember to precast this before the cinematic.


  • This also works very well in Hard mode: You can rely on finishing a strong dagger combo faster than the Doppelganger. With a Warrior secondary, bringing Frenzy for the AI to use (not using it yourself) can make a large difference. Otherwise, bring nature rituals (Ranger), attunements (Elementalist) or other "maintainables" from your secondary profession to occupy the Doppelganger while you begin your combo.
  • Bring combos that require a knocked down foe (e.g. Falling Spider) and then ensure that you can knock the Doppelganger down but not vice versa, e.g. through "You Move Like a Dwarf!" or using Shock and being fast enough to interrupt the opponent's Shock. Combine with Horns of the Ox for added lock-down. Moebius Strike works well for continued combos.
  • Also Critical Defense combined with Asuran Scan works well. Using "You Move Like A Dwarf!" followed by Falling Spider and Twisting Fangs. Doppelganger doesn't have "You Move Like A Dwarf!" and can't start any attack chains.


  • Bring Shadowsong and Brutal Weapon: After the cinematic, immediately fallback up the ramp. The Doppelganger will cast its spirits in the middle of the map, so you will be outside of their effective range. It will then run towards you. Cast Shadowsong to keep the Doppelganger blinded. Attack the Doppelganger immediately after casting Brutal Weapon.
  • Hard mode - Bring any Signet of Spirits build. Use the same tactics in normal mode: at the start of the fight, run as far back as you can and cast all your spirits. Cast Painful Bond and the spirits will kill it.



  • If you have a form up before activating the final glyph, it will be removed before entering the hall with the Doppelganger.
  • Bring no skills and just attack. Your scythe will deal more damage than its axe most of the time.
  • Use Grenth's Aura to provide healing. The Doppelganger receives no healing because it does not use a scythe.
  • Hard mode - Your best bet is relying on a tactic from your secondary profession. See also Cross-profession tactics. Some protective Dervish skills can assist with other methods, e.g. Mirage Cloak can help the Empathy strategy.

Cross-profession tactics[edit]

  • Non-casters can rely on bringing spammable attack skills as the Doppelganger will use these less frequently than you.
  • Use a ranged weapon and bring ranged attack skills for it, but move to melee range. The Doppelganger will switch to axe and be unable to use the ranged attack skills.
  • Many builds take advantage of your opponent's inability to use PvE-only skills. See also: PvX. Some examples:
  • Use skills that punish the Doppelganger for attacking you, then do not attack the Doppelganger and let it kill itself. You can improve your advantage by adding skills that blind it or protect you against attacks, such as blocking or armor increase. Also consider bringing skills to increase attack speed. With this tactic, it is generally better to stay at distance as the spear deals less damage than the axe. See the below sections for example skills to use this tactic.





End cinematic[edit]

For more information, see Augury Rock (cinematics)
"Reach out and take hold of your destiny."
"Your ascendance is now complete."


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Augury Rock.
  • This mission is one of the few missions a player can walk out of. By standing on the teleporter in the beginning, players are teleported back to the Augury Rock outpost.
  • Consumables, such as Candy Apples, can be used during the fight; however, summoning stones cannot.
  • The mission area includes these landmarks: The Divine Fire shrine holding the assembled Vision Crystal, the three ascension runes, and the Mesa.
  • After completing this mission, your character will be taken to The Dragon's Lair.
  • None of the walls in the mesa block line of sight; projectiles will travel through them.
  • If you and the Doppelganger both die at the same time, you will get credit for the mission (and you will be resurrected in time for the cinematic). However, if you disconnect during the mission, you will not get credit (and will find yourself in either the Dragon's Lair or Augury Rock outposts).

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