Riverside Province

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost, an explorable area during the War in Kryta, and a Zaishen mission quest.
Riverside Province
Riverside Province map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Cooperative
Party size 6
Duration Short (long if doing bonus)
Preceded by Passage Through The Dark River
Followed by Sanctum Cay

Riverside Province is the southernmost Krytan province, an area with major Krytan settlements surrounded by marshland. The White Mantle have a heavy presence due to their major base, the Temple of the Unseen being located here. Getting past them will be no easy task, and undead invading the swamps won't make it easier.

Mission information[edit]

Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Twin Serpent Lakes and start the mission. Passage Through The Dark River also brings you here, but other party members will be left behind.


Steal the Scepter of Orr.

  • Avoid detection on your way to the temple.
  • Talk to Dinas to get the scepter.
  • Escape to the bridge to the northeast.
  • *BONUS* Take out the Watchman at each tower, so Saidra can get the weapons through.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


This mission can be done without fighting much of anything by avoiding enemies or running past them. The first half is guarded by undead for the most part. All nine of the towers can be completely avoided by having one person walk up close. This will have the effect of the watchtower guards calling the other troops in, allowing your party to sneak by on the outside. When you reach Dinas you will get the Scepter of Orr and there will be a cut-scene. Open the nearby door and follow the path to the northeast. Eventually you will reach a boss blocking a bridge. In theory you are supposed to kill it and run the Scepter of Orr across the bridge, but you can walk to the left of him and the cutscene will activate anyway.


The bonus is quite a different story. Instead of sneaking around the entire White Mantle, the bonus requires defeating the guards in the towers. First, you need to defeat the enemies on the first tower (1). Then head southwest and talk to Saidra (2). She will speak of a need to allow supply trains to slip through the area, which requires the towers be neutralized. There are nine towers in all (positions 1 and 3), each with about a dozen White Mantle guarding it.

There are a couple of stationary enemies in front of each tower, but the watchtower guard will sound the alarm as you approach, causing all nearby White Mantle to return to the tower. To counter the reinforcements, start by setting your team back from the tower (e.g. by flagging party NPCs). Next, send in just one character to trigger the mantle, back away a bit, and wait for the troops to begin dispersing. Pull just a few mantle at a time, defeat them, and repeat until you are left with just the stationary troops.

The guards are not within your line of sight, so you usually cannot hit them with projectiles or projectile-based spells. Melee characters can sometimes attack the guards through the doors of the tower; however, they are easy prey to non-projectile damage (e.g. via many caster skills): while you hurt them with health degeneration or non-projectile skills, they will have trouble doing any damage to your party.

Alternate route for full completion.

Do not cross the bridge with the Scepter until you receive notice that the bonus has been completed.

Consider completing the bonus before going to collect the sceptre, as it leaves you with a very clear run to the bridge.

Skill recommendations[edit]




Charmable animals[edit]



Ghosts (Undead)


Humans (White Mantle)


Phantoms (Undead)

Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Ghosts (Undead)

Humans (White Mantle)

Phantoms (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)

Interactive object[edit]

  • Lever (opens the gate near Dinas)


At start[edit]

White Mantle Knight (1): "I heard Confessor Dorian himself is coming to inspect the temple."
White Mantle Knight (2): "That's just a rumor. Why would Dorian come here?"
White Mantle Knight (1): "I don't know. Maybe he wants to see the Scepter of Orr."
White Mantle Knight (2): "You idiot. He's already seen it."


Before taking out the first tower[edit]

Saidra: "You must be careful around these parts. The White Mantle see everything from the tops of their watchtowers."

After taking out the first tower[edit]

Saidra: "My friends. It is me, Saidra, in disguise."
Saidra: "On the other side of this gate there is a cart of weapons waiting to be smuggled to the Blade."
Saidra: "But I can't get them past the watchtowers without being searched."
Saidra: "If you take out all the towers between here and the docks, I'll be able to sneak through."

Talking to her afterwards[edit]

Saidra: "You must be more discreet. If the Mantle see you talking to me, they may become suspicious."

Near fourth tower[edit]

White Mantle Justiciar: "Listen up, there's talk of raiders on the prowl. If you see any, they are to be terminated on sight"

Near south central tower[edit]

White Mantle Justiciar (1): "The Unseen Ones are awfully quiet tonight."
White Mantle Justiciar (2): "When have they ever been noisy?"
White Mantle Justiciar (1): "You know what I mean."
White Mantle Justiciar (2): "Yeah, you're right. I wonder what's up?"

East of south central tower[edit]

White Mantle Knight (1): "Last night I saw a bone dragon."
White Mantle Knight (2): "A bone dragon? Really? Where?"
White Mantle Knight (1): "Down in the swamp. A couple of ghouls were leading it around on a leash."
White Mantle Knight (2): "Dang."

South of Temple of the Unseen[edit]

White Mantle Justiciar (1): "You really believe that stuff?"
White Mantle Justiciar (1): "Yeah, and you should too!"

Jonas and Grimnalt[edit]

Jonas: "What's all this talk about a scepter?"
Grimnalt: "I don't know, but it's got the White Mantle all in a huff."
Jonas: "You don't think it could be the famed Scepter of Orr, do you?"
Grimnalt: "Bah, don't be silly. That's just a legend, nothing but an old wives' tale."
Jonas: "Well, there was such a place as Orr, I visited there when I was a little boy."
Grimnalt: "I wasn't sayin' there wasn't a place called Orr."
Jonas: "Then what were you sayin'?"
Grimnalt: "I was sayin' their [sic] ain't no magical scepter, that's all."
Jonas: "And I says [sic] there is a magical scepter."
Grimnalt: "Well, then you'd be as dumb as an ox then wouldn't ya be?"
Jonas: "Me? Dumb as an ox?"
Grimnalt: "That's what I said."
Jonas: "Buffoon."
Grimnalt: "Idiot."

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

For more information, see Riverside Province (cinematics)


"My friends, it is good to see you again."
"I didn't think when we met off in D'Alessio Seaboard that I would be giving you the Scepter of Orr."
"Come, you must not linger here.The Zealots will be back soon."
"I will show you the quickest escape route."
"To the east is a bridge that will take you over the Ullen River to safety."
"Stay off the beaten path, and whatever you do, avoid the watchtowers!"
"Many men have died for this. Guard it with your life."

White Mantle Knight: "The Scepter of Orr. It's been stolen,"
White Mantle Knight: "The thieves are heading east, toward the Ullen River."
White Mantle Justiciar: "They won't get far."
White Mantle Justiciar: "There are two watchtowers between here and the river. If they try to go past, they will be caught. If they stop to ponder a way around, we will catch them."
White Mantle Justiciar: "No one who steals from the White Mantle lives long enough to enjoy the spoils."

End cinematic[edit]

Evennia: "Ah, the Scepter of Orr."
Evennia: "The time for retribution against our oppressors has finally arrived."
<Party leader>: "I thought the point of stealing the Scepter was to keep it from the Mantle."
<Party leader>: "How are we going to use it?"
Evennia: "We can't, but Vizier Khilbron can."
Evennia: "I negotiated a treaty with the former adviser to the King of Orr."
Evennia: "In exchange for the Scepter, the good vizier has agreed to aid us in our fight against the Mantle."
<Party leader>: "Vizier Khilbron? What can one man do for us that we can't do for ourselves?"
Evennia: "The Vizier is a very powerful mage. He can show us the path that will lead to our victory."
Evennia: "Come now. The sun will be rising soon, and we must prepare for our journey to meet the vizier."
Saidra: "What news of Markis?"
<Party leader>: "Markis? Why would we have news of him?"
Saidra: "He didn't meet you outside the Temple?"
<Party leader>: "No. We knew of no such plan."
Saidra: "Hmm. Maybe he'll catch up with us at the docks."
Saidra: "Let's go. Even the Mantle are smart enough to find their way across that river."
Saidra: "We'd best not be here when they do."


  • If you talk to Dinas after you get the scepter he will follow you; he doesn't use any skills.
  • You are not required to carry the Scepter at all times: you can drop it at any time and return to pick it up later. For example, you can drop it before each battle or drop it near Dinas, defeat all the guards, and then return to pick it up and run it back to the bridge.
  • The White Mantle and the undead are hostile to each other, you can sometimes lure one group into fighting another.
  • Complete exploration of the mission area contributes 1.8% to the Tyrian Cartographer title. The easiest way to do this is to completely clear the entire area as you scrape, thus securing the bonus as well. Be careful at the bridges near the final boss, lest you prematurely trigger the mission's end. Drop the Scepter of Orr before fighting the boss and continue exploring past the bridge. Then, return for the Scepter and take it back to the bridge to get credit for the mission.
  • Completion of this mission will fill in page #6 of The Flameseeker Prophecies storybook.
  • After completing this mission, your party will appear in Sanctum Cay.

Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike other Prophecies missions, chests do not appear during this mission.
Anomaly Anomaly.To complete the bonus objective, only the Seekers in the towers need to be killed even though the bonus text suggests that the Watchtower Guards must be defeated.

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