Passage Through The Dark River

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Passage Through The Dark River
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Shadow
in Henge of Denravi
(Maguuma Jungle)
Preceded by Aurora Glade
Followed by Riverside Province
Type Primary quest
Passage Through The Dark River map.jpg
Path to Old Joness in Tangle Root from Henge of Denravi

Gain passage over the Ullen River to Riverside Province by talking to Old Joness.

Quest information[edit]




Follow Carlotta right after exiting Henge of Denravi. Along the way are many groups of Jungle Trolls and Moss Scarabs, with the odd Life Pod thrown in for good measure. Stopping to fight these groups will not cause Carlotta to pause in her trek towards Old Joness, but this doesn't matter as the spider drops Marking Webs every so often to mark the path as the group continues onward. Follow these (there is no need to pick them up) and eventually Old Joness will be located. Carlotta will not be attacked by aggressive mobs in the area, but you cannot auto-follow her either.

It should be noted that you do not have to wait for Carlotta to reach Old Joness in order to speak with him.

When speaking with Old Joness, follow the dialogue tree that is indicated by Shadow when taking the quest: speak about his son, the White Mantle, and he will eventually take you to Riverside Province (outpost) to get the quest reward by delivering Evennia's Secret Orders to Blade Warrior Derikk.

Additionally, if you already have Riverside Province on your map, you can simply map travel there and collect your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Contained in this message are your orders from Evennia. Take it to Derikk Deathblade in Riverside Province. It is of the utmost importance that you shield it from all eyes, especially those of the White Mantle. If they learn of your plans, all is lost."
"Show the seal to Old Joness the river guide in Tangle Root. Speak to Old Joness the river guide in Tangle Root. Speak to him of his son, who was killed by the White Mantle. And give him my name. He'll take you as far as he can. Follow Carlotta, my spider. She knows the way."
Yes Accept: "You can trust me."
No Decline: "I'm no messenger."
Ask Ask: "Speak to Old Joness is in Maguuma Stade. My spider Carlotta will lead the way."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Old Joness
"Ah, yes it is her sigil. Hmmm...yes, yes. Oh my..."
⇒ What is it, old man?
"I have been a guide on the Dark River for many, many years. I know it back and forth, like the tracks of time on my very face. You must know this letter may carry you to your death. The passage we must take is perilous at best."
⇒ The Dark River?
"Its real name is Ullen River, but those of us who know it best never call it that. It's the Dark River to us. Dark as in absence of light, yes, but that's only part of it. A shadow lies over that region, and it is cast by something...unseen, I suppose you could say."
⇒ Let's change the subject.
× We can talk later.
× We can talk later.
⇒ I hear you had a son.
"I did, yes. Edgar was his name. A good, smart lad. A little too smart for his own good, at times. He ran afoul of...bandits."
⇒ I understand these bandits wear white.
"Do you? And who gave you to understand so?"
⇒ Shadow did.
"Shadow, eh? Well, it's true. Edgar was one to speak his mind. I say he was smart, but sometimes his tongue got ahead of his brain, if you know what I mean. Those zealots murdered him in cold blood for saying out loud what we've all been thinking."
⇒ The White Mantle are no friends of ours, either.
"I believe that to be true. Shadow wouldn't trust you without a good reason, and you carry Evennia's commands. I'll take you to the outskirts of Riverside Province. Let me know when you are ready."
⇒ We can leave anytime.
× We'll talk later.
⇒ Let's discuss something else.
× We can talk later.
× We can talk later.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Blade Warrior Derikk
"Thank Balthazar. You have done a great deed in delivering this message. The White Mantle underestimate the power of many people working together toward a common cause. We shall overcome."