Old Joness

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Old Joness
Ascalon settler m.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Service Gatekeeper
Level(s) 10
Campaign Prophecies

Old Joness knows many ways through the Tangle Root jungle.



Quests involved in:


"Ah, yes it is her sigil. Hmmm... yes, yes. Oh my....

What is it old man?
"I have been a guide on the Dark River for many, many years. I know it back and forth, like the tracks of time on my very face. You must know this letter may carry you to your death. The passage is perilous at best.
The Dark River?
"Its real name is Ullen River, but those of us who know it best never call it that. It's the Dark River to us. Dark as in absence of light, yes but that's only part of it. A shadow lies over that region, and it is cast by something...unseen, I suppose you could say."
Lets Change the Subject.
I hear you had a son.
"I did, yes. Edgar was his name. A good, smart lad. A little too smart for his own good, at times. He ran afoul of...bandits.
I understand these bandits wear white?
"Do you? And who gave you to understand so?"
Shadow did.
"Shadow, eh? Well, it's true. Edgar was one to speak his mind. I say he was smart, but sometimes his tongue got ahead of his brain, if you know what i mean. Those zealots murdered him in cold blood for saying out loud what we've all been thinking."
The White Mantle are no friends of ours, either.
"I believe that to be true. Shadow wouldn't trust you without a good reason, and you carry Evennia's commands. I'll take you to the outskirts of Riverside Province. Let me know when you are ready."
We can leave anytime. (You are then transported to Riverside Province)
We'll talk later.
Lets discuss something else.
We can talk later.