The Wilds

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
The Wilds
The Wilds map.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Maguuma Jungle
Type Cooperative
Party size 6
Duration Long
Preceded by A Brother's Fury
Followed by Bloodstone Fen

After a long hunt for the Shining Blade in order to rescue the Chosen, the heroes are in for a surprise ending.

Mission information[edit]


Any character can simply walk into the outpost from Sage Lands and start the mission.


Hunt down the Shining Blade kidnappers, and rescue the Chosen they have taken hostage.

  • Chase the fleeing Shining Blade.
  • Rescue the Chosen.
  • Discover how the Shining Blade navigates the jungle.
  • *BONUS* Defeat the two Centaur chieftains.


Normal mode Rewards
Mission 1,000 XP 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 1,000 XP
Hard mode Rewards
Mission 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png
Bonus 2,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png


You will encounter Entangling Roots through the trip. Approaching these creatures will trigger the appearance of a gate of ivy that cuts off frontline characters from the rest of the party while simultaneously triggering hidden spawns. Kill the Entangling Roots to open the gates.

At the junction, take the middle westward road (the same way White Mantle Knights go). Pay attention to Centaur patrols, unaware parties can aggro several of them and wipe. Their rangers leave Flame Traps and spirits of Symbiosis while moving - triggering the traps or attacking the spirit will guarantee aggro. Follow the map to avoid getting lost in dead ends.

After you have fought your way along the path trodden by the Shining Blade Scouts, protect the Chosen by eliminating the spider spawns.


The bonus requires that you defeat two Centaur bosses. Instead of following the White Mantle, head south after proceeding past the first Entangling Root. You will find two Centaurs talking to each other (point 1), do not attack them yet. To initiate the bonus, you have to eavesdrop on their conversation. After their dialogue finishes with the line "I will guard Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider with my life.", kill them. Pick up the Vine Seed that eventually appears by the glowing plants, which is needed to reach the two Centaur chieftains. You can drop the Vine Seed during combat, it will grow branches, knocking down adjacent foes and dealing 20 damage, and finally it will return to bundle form. Carry this item and backtrack to the middle road again.

After fighting the roaming Centaurs, take a detour again to the east (point 2). Place the Vine Seed over the round mark to form a bridge. Head South where you will find the two Centaur chieftains (point 3): Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider. You can use the high-ground advantage of the entry slope to pull separate groups of Centaurs. Two other centaur bosses will spawn close to your objective bosses, be careful not to mix them up. After killing Ramtha and Horm, the bonus completion message will display.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Hard mode[edit]




Charmable animals[edit]


  • Unknown 5 Warthog (found at the beginning of the mission)




Humans (Shining Blade)













Initial dialogue[edit]

White Mantle Knight (1): "They went this way!"
White Mantle Knight (2): "Did we lose them?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When coming into range of the first Shining Blade Scout.

Shining Blade Scout: "Quickly! To the camps! The Shining blade must be warned!!"

Before reaching the first boss.

White Mantle Knight (1): "Did we lose them?"
White Mantle Knight (2): "I think I see them!"

Before crossing the first bridge.

White Mantle Knight: "They went this way!"
White Mantle Knight: "I think I see them!"

After crossing the first bridge.

White Mantle Knight: "It's no use. We are lost."

When coming into range of the Centaur Scouts.

Centaur Scout (1): "Long has it been since Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider met face to face."
Centaur Scout (1): "The leaders of the two strongest Centaur tribes are on the verge of an agreement."
Centaur Scout (2): "So the rumors about the alliance against the humans are true?"
Centaur Scout (1): "Indeed. The negotiations begin today."
Centaur Scout (2): "Good. It is about time that the Centaurs took a united stand against the humans."
Centaur Scout (1): "It is rumored that there are humans in the Maguuma right now."
Centaur Scout (1): "We would have need of a strong Centaur, such as yourself, to help guard the meeting."
Centaur Scout (2): "I would be honored. What must I do?"
Centaur Scout (1): "Take this vine seed. It will give you access to the meeting site."
Centaur Scout (2): "I will guard Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider with my life."

When coming into range of the second Shining Blade Scout.

Shining Blade Scout: "Quickly! To the camps! The Shining blade must be warned!!"

When coming into range of Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider.

Horm Frostrider: "Ramtha, my brother, it is good to lay eyes on you once again."
Horm Frostrider: "The humans are becoming a menace again."
Ramtha Brokenhoof: "They are troublesome in Maguuma as well."
Horm Frostrider: "They climb through the Shiverpeaks, thinning our tribe and stealing our land."
Ramtha Brokenhoof: "Yes, Horm. The days of darkness for the Centaurs are over."
Ramtha Brokenhoof: "Death to the humans!"'
Horm Frostrider: "Then we are in agreement."
Horm Frostrider: "We shall strike an alliance and declare hunting season on the humans."

When coming into range of the third Shining Blade Scout.

Shining Blade Scout: "Quickly! To the camps! The Shining blade must be warned!!"

When coming into range of the fourth Shining Blade Scout.

Shining Blade Scout: "Quickly! To the camps! The Shining blade must be warned!!"

Intermediate cinematic[edit]

For more information, see The Wilds (cinematics)
Captured Chosen: "Oh no. Please no."
Evennia: "You there! You can chase us through the jungle later."
Evennia: "But if you have even a shred of decency in your heart, I beseech you, help us save the Chosen."

End cinematic[edit]

<party leader>: "You have exactly ten seconds to explain yourselves before we run you through."
Evennia: "Perhaps it is you who needs to be doing the explaining."
<party leader>: "What are you going to do to us?"
Evennia: "I don't know what to make of you."
Evennia: "You're not typical White Mantle, as evidenced by your bravery and willingness to help save the Chosen."
Evennia: "Had you not shown up when you did, we might have lost them after all."
<party leader>: "Lost them? You weren't trying to get them killed?"
Evennia: "What did you think? That we liberated the Chosen from the murderous Mantle only to feed them to the spiders?"
Evennia: "Nothing could be farther from the truth."
<party leader>: "Then what were you doing?"
Evennia: "Rescuing them from the Mantle, that's what. The spiders were a...a miscalculation."
Markis: "I don't trust them, Evennia. They're Mantle plain and simple."
Evennia: "I can see that Markis. But something tells me if they see for themselves what the White Mantle really do with the Chosen, they'll have a change of heart about their masters."
Markis: "What are you saying? That you mean to let them go?"
Evennia: "Yes, Markis, that's exactly what I mean to do."
Evennia: "Who knows. Once they've seen the Bloodstone, they may end up being valuable allies."
Markis: "This is a mistake, Evennia."
Evennia: "Maybe it is."
Evennia: "If my hunch about you is correct, then you'll head to Bloodstone Fen."
Evennia: "The truth about the White Mantle will reveal itself. And you will be faced with a difficult decision."


Runic stones
  • Runic stones are found around the north-east lake.
  • Complete exploration of this mission contributes approximately 1.4% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • Completion of this mission will fill in page #3 of The Flameseeker Prophecies storybook.
  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to Bloodstone Fen.
Bug Bug.It is possible, that after destroying the last Entangling Roots in the Western most part of the mission, the ivy gate will vanish but still be impassable. If you ended up on the Western side of the ivy gate, you will be able to continue for a few steps but then hit an invisible wall. The mission cannot be completed either way.
Bug Bug.It is possible, that after killing both Centaur Chieftains, you will not get credit for completion of the bonus objective. The bonus will have to be repeated in this case, although the mission can still be completed as normal.
Anomaly Anomaly.In the line "The leaders of the two strongest Centaur tribes are on the verge of an agreement." the word "verge" is sometimes censored by the game's chat filter.


  • Prior to the February 21, 2013 update which removed the ability to teleport with player skills, the Shining Blade camp at the end could be reached through Necrotic Traversal if Evennia was killed by the spiders. Exploration of the camp contributed a very small part to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
    • Killing Evennia could (and still can) be done by using nature rituals to boost the damage of the spiders and reduce healing, and is easier in hard mode due to the spiders dealing more damage and having access to interrupts to prevent Evennia from constantly healing herself.

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