Vine Seed

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Vine Seed
Vine Seed.jpg
Drop skill Entanglement.jpg Entanglement
Single-use Yes, only if dropped on on a glowing circle
Campaigns Core
Eye of the North

Vine Seeds are bundle items (except the one in Magus Stones) that create vine bridges.


Maguuma Jungle[edit]

The Vine Seed is acquired from the two conversing Centaurs in The Wilds and Vine Seed Flowers in Bloodstone Fen.

Magus Stones[edit]

The Timberland Guardian will drop a Vine Seed (which is not a bundle and does not appear in inventory when retrieved) during the quest, Lab Space. The Vine Seed is used to create the bridge to the Oola's Lab dungeon. The bridge only needs to be created once, and will remain in Magus Stones unless a party member has Lab Space active.

Druid's Isle[edit]

The Druid's Isle guild hall contains a Vine Seed in each base. When dropped on the glowing circle outside of a base, the seed will create a vine bridge into the back entrance. Dropping it anywhere else causes foes to be struck with Entanglement, knocking down adjacent foes for four seconds, after which the vines retreat into the seed and the Vine Seed is ready to be picked up again.


  • If picked up the message "Drop it to plant the seed" appears in the chat window.
  • If this is not dropped on a glowing circle, it will sprout and revert to its seed form, allowing it to be picked up again.
  • If dropped next to a miniature or foe, they will be knocked down and be trapped by vines for a few seconds.