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Disambig icon.png This article is about the species. For the NPC with the same name, see Centaur (NPC).

Elonian Centaurs not only have equine features, but also resemble the swift gazelles that run across plains and savannahs. These creatures are also more leonine than their distant Tyrian cousins, displaying some of the social behaviors of big cats—a group of Elonian Centaurs is called a “pride.” Their extended families normally prowl and hunt around a pride’s breeding grounds, fighting to defend their territory.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts


Centaur are a quadpedal humanoid race.


Known prides[edit]

Each centaur pride have unique cultures.


Though succession methods are unknown, Elonian centaurs believe that knowledge is passed down between chieftains through the fruits of the Ancestor Tree.



List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Affiliation Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Northern Shiverpeaks Shiverpeak Mountains wildlife Warrior 8 (23) Shiverpeak Warrior
Ranger 8 (23) Shiverpeak Longbow
Monk 8 (23) Shiverpeak Protector
Shiverpeak Mane
Maguuma Jungle Maguuma Jungle wildlife Warrior 16 (25) Maguuma Warrior
Ranger 16 (25) Maguuma Hunter
Monk 16 (25) Maguuma Protector
Necromancer 16 (25) Maguuma Warlock
Mesmer 16 (25) Maguuma Enchanter
Elementalist 16 (25) Maguuma Avenger
Maguuma Mane
Crystal Desert Crystal Desert wildlife Warrior 20 (26) Losaru Bladehand
Ranger 20 (26) Losaru Bowmaster
Monk 20 (26) Losaru Lifeband
Mesmer 20 (26) Losaru Windcaster
Losaru Mane
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Far Shiverpeaks Modniir1 Warrior 20 (26) Modniir Berserker
Ranger 20 (26) Modniir Hunter
Monk 20 (26) Modniir Priest
Monk 20 (26) Modniir Shaman
Modniir Mane
Shiverpeak Mountains wildlife Warrior 8 (23) Shiverpeak Warrior2
Ranger 8 (23) Shiverpeak Longbow2
Shiverpeak Mane
  1. Suspected.
  2. Only during the quest Service: In Defense of the Eye.


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Centaur.
  • Shiverpeak, Maguuma, and Losaru centaurs have 20 additional armor against cold damage, except for the Rangers of the groups. The Rangers have 10 additional armor against cold damage, but also have 30 less armor against earth damage.
    • This makes earth damage a good choice against them as the Rangers effectively do not have the standard bonus elemental armor rating vs earth damage and the Warriors have their standard vulnerability to elemental damage.
  • While not specifically mentioned in-game, the Maguuma centaurs are referred to as Harathi in Guild Wars 2 and in later interviews.
  • The Shiverpeak centaurs do not have an explicitly given name, however they have been seen alongside the Modniir, and share the same character models.