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Desert Centaur caster.jpg

The Losaru pride are equine Centaurs that thrive throughout the Crystal Desert and look like their relatives in Elona. Like other centaur prides, they are dangerous and similar to the Veldrunner. Some Losaru, specifically the Orshad Raiders, are known to eat human flesh.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Type Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Crystal Desert Centaur Warrior 20 (26) Losaru Bladehand
Ranger 20 (26) Losaru Bowmaster
Monk 20 (26) Losaru Lifeband
Mesmer 20 (26) Losaru Windcaster
Losaru Mane


  • Losaru centaur, except for the Bowmasters, have 20 additional armor against cold damage. Losaru Bowmasters have +10 armor against cold damage but also have 30 less armor against earth damage.


  • After Nightfall release, the appearances of the Losaru were updated to look like the Elonian centaurs introduced in Elona.