Service: In Defense of the Eye

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Service: In Defense of the Eye
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Artificer Mullenix
in Eye of the North
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Service: Practice, Dummy
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Artificer Mullenix when you are ready to defend the Eye of the North.
  • Fight alongside the Eye's support personnel. Defend the Eye of the North from the attacking Shiverpeak Centaurs.
  • See Artificer Mullenix for your reward.



After talking to Artificer Mullenix, you will be taken just outside the entrance of Eye of the North to the Service: In Defense of the Eye zone, which shares a map with Ice Cliff Chasms. There, you will be attacked by several waves of Shiverpeak and Modniir Centaurs.

The easiest way to complete this quest is to retreat up the ramp. Rangers and spirit spammers then have plenty of time to lay/summon their spirits/traps without the attacking centaurs being aggroed (beware spirits too far down attacking the centaurs). Players can then aggro the centaurs causing them to move up the ramp to attack. Once your enemies are grouped together on the ramp unleash a barrage of area of effect damage, this will quickly destroy the level 8 Shiverpeaks Centaurs leaving only the level 20 Modniir Centaurs. Take notice of the Modniir Centaur's skill Trample as it can cause havoc if you're not prepared.

An alternate strategy calls for running directly to the left at the beginning of the mission. Simply allow the centaurs to reach the front of the Eye, then pull them into smaller groups. This tactic allows players to avoid the mobs of Centaurs (which ultimately requires less firepower), but requires more time in return.

Another strategy is to retreat far back on the ramp and stay there, pull one group of foes at a time on the ramp by using a ranged attack such as a longbow. This strategy puts fewer demands on group composition, though inclusion of two elementalists, two healers and two warriors is recommended (not counting the three allies that join you on this mission).

Consider bringing along Disease as it will spread between the centaurs but your party will remain safe from it (provided you do not bring Zhed Shadowhoof). This tactic is much better when combined with Toxicity.

There are enough centaur bodies to support two minion masters which will greatly help.

The centaurs arrive in 3 waves which will attack whether or not the previous wave has been defeated. The first wave consists solely of warriors. The second is solely rangers so the newly acquired spirit Winds is useful against this wave. The third and final wave contains warriors, rangers, monks, and a boss. Beware of the Ice Boulders that roll across the frozen lake, as they will kill anyone they roll over, including the Centaurs themselves.

Edge of Extinction is also very useful here, again provided that you do not bring Zhed Shadowhoof.









Initial dialogue[edit]

Artificer Mullenix

[Difficulty: Master] "It's a very good thing that you trained the support personnel here in the Eye of the North. The Modniir are taking advantage in the absence of our main force. As we speak their numbers march upon us. We must not give up this base. It is our only foothold in the north and our lone base of operations behind Charr battle lines. Help us defend the Eye."
Yes Accept: "The Eye of the North must not shut. To arms!"
No Decline: "Some Dwarven ale [sic] on a Krytan beach is sounding real nice right about now."
Ask Ask: "You and your party will be loaded into your own instance to defend the Eye of the North against the attacking Modniir. Are you ready?"
Yes I am ready.
No I am not ready.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Reward dialogue[edit]

Artificer Mullenix

"We are victorious! It'll be ages before those cursed Modniir think about attacking us again. I believe we can hold our own here without you. You've taught us well. Continue forth with your mission, friend, and thank you for all of your aid."


  • This quest provides an opportunity to map Ice Cliff Chasms for Master of the North: equip your heroes with speed boosts (especially "Charge!", "Fall Back!", and "Incoming!") and move away from the portal to the EotN outpost. The remainder of the area will be free of foes, giving you plenty of time to scrape.
  • Several exits are blocked by closed doors. Those that are open (the portals to Boreal Station and Norrhart Domains) lead back to the EotN outpost. This is also true for the exit to The Battledepths, even though it appears blocked (you can walk through the doors).
Anomaly Anomaly.When you resign, you get the usual, message that "Your party was defeated". However, you remain alive and centaurs continue to attack you until you're returned to the outpost.
Anomaly Anomaly.If you kill the boss too far from the main battle (the base of the stairs), your three allies will start celebrating at the location where the boss died; they will not return with you to the stairs to kill any remaining foes.