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Formatting guideline

This page is an accepted formatting guideline on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all contributors should follow. Before editing this page, it is suggested to gather consensus on the talk page first.


This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about quests in Guild Wars.

Syntax and Example[edit]

{{ Quest infobox
| id = <!-- Official ArenaNet quest id. Omit if unknown. -->
| name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| section = <!-- Section name. Omit the word "Quest". -->
| image = [[File:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|250px]]
| master = <!-- Specify "y" if this quest is a master difficulty quest. Omit otherwise -->
| elite = <!-- Specify "y" if this quest is a elite difficulty quest. Omit otherwise -->
| minimission = <!-- Specify "y" if this quest is a mini mission. Omit otherwise -->
| solo = <!-- Specify "y" if this quest is a solo quest. Omit otherwise -->
| repeatable = <!-- Specify "y" if this quest is a repeatable quest. Omit otherwise -->
| required hero = <!-- The hero required to be in the party. Omit if inapplicable -->
| given by = [[NPC]] <!-- Following three identifies the quest giver -->
| given at = [[Location]]
| region = [[Region]]
| campaign = Campaign
| part of = [[Parent Quest Title]]
| preceded by = [[Quest Title]] or [[Prev Mission Title]]
| followed by = [[Quest Title]] or [[Next Mission Title]]
| type =
| map = [[File:{{subst:PAGENAME}} map.jpg|250px]]
| map2 =
| map3 =
An overview of the quest will go in here. 

==Quest information==

<!-- Anything which you need before you can perform the quest. 
Do not list prerequisite quests or missions. -->

<!-- Quest objectives copied verbatim from ingame -->
* Objective 1
* Objective 2
* Objective 3

===Early benefits===
<!-- Benefits received on acceptance of the quest or before completing the quest. -->
* Benefit 1
* Benefit 2

<!-- Capture the reward given for completing the quest. -->
* Reward 1
* Reward 2

===Environmental changes===
<!-- Changes that result from accepting and/or completing the quest. -->
* Temporary changes on acceptance
* Permanent changes on acceptance
* Permanent changes on completion

<!-- Describe the steps required to complete the mission -->
<!-- Quests should never be in a first person kind of view. Avoid the use of the words I, my, etc. -->

===Skill recommendations===
<!-- Suggest types of skills which will assist the player in completing the mission -->

==Interactive objects==
<!-- Objects used while performing the quest (such as levers, bundles) -->

<!-- List only creatures that are part of the quest spawn, not all creatures encountered.-->
===Allies=== <!-- friendly NPCs, omit if none -->

====Ally subgroups==== <!-- create logical or storyline groupings as necessary, sort by profession -->

====Other allies====   <!-- sort named NPCs first, followed by generic NPCs like commoners and guards -->
*{{x}} ## [[NPC 1]]
*{{x}} ## [[NPC 2]]

[[Creature type]]     <!-- creature type (in plural), i.e. [[Dragon]]s, [[Human]]s, [[Plant]]s -->
*{{x}} ## (##) [[Nonhostile NPC 1]] <!-- normal mode level, hard mode level in paranthesis -->
*{{r}}{{mo}} ## (##) [[Nonhostile NPC 2]] <!-- two professions, no "/" or space between icons -->

===Charmable animals===
*{{x}} ## [[Animal]]

[[foe type 1]]s     <!-- e.g. [[Dragon]]s, [[Human]]s, [[Plant]]s -->
*{{x}} ## (##) [[Example Foe]]     <!-- normal mode level, hard mode level in paranthesis -->
*{{r}}{{mo}} ## (##) [[Example Foe]]     <!-- two professions, no "/" or space between icons -->

[[foe type 2]]s ([[affiliation]])     <!-- affiliation, i.e. [[White Mantle]], [[Kurzick]]s, [[Torment creature]]s -->
*{{e}} ## (##) [[Example Foe]]

[[foe type 2]]s
*{{w}} ## (##) [[Example Foe]]

====Bosses====   <!-- omit if empty -->
[[foe type 1]]s
*{{w}} ## (##) [[Boss Name]] &rarr; [[elite skill]] ([[unique item]])

<!-- Transcription of dialogue. -->

===Initial dialogue===
;NPC name
{{ Offer dialog
| accept = Dialogue option for accepting the quest.
| decline = Dialogue option for declining the quest.
| ask = Dialogue the quest giver provides when asked about the quest while it is active.

===Intermediate dialogue===
<!-- for dialogue in windows -->
;NPC name

<!-- for dialogue in the chat log and/or speech bubbles -->
:'''NPC name:''' ''"Text"''
:'''NPC name:''' ''"Text"''

===Reward dialogue===
;NPC name

<!-- Any additional notes that are not covered by the walkthrough -->

<!-- For all your quest trivia needs -->

<!-- Categories -->
<!-- Include any additional categories not automatically added by the template -->

General guidelines[edit]

  • All quest articles should conform to these guidelines.
  • Omit any section that would otherwise not have any content. Avoid leaving empty sections in the article.
  • When using the template above, always remember to remove the comments from the final article.

Basic outline[edit]

Article header[edit]

The following should always be placed at the beginning of the article.

If the quest article is a stub, use the {{quest-stub}} template to add the page to Category:Quest_stubs.

Quest infobox template[edit]

Use {{Quest infobox}} to create the info box. See the template page for detailed instructions. Example usage:

{{Quest infobox
| name = Leaving a Legacy
| map = [[Image:Leaving a Legacy map.jpg]]
| campaign = Nightfall
| region = Istan
| type = Primary
| given by = [[First Spear Dehvad]]
| given at = [[Churrhir Fields]]<br>[[Kamadan, Jewel of Istan]]
| preceded by = [[Choose Your Secondary Profession (Nightfall)|Choose Your Secondary Profession]]
| followed by = [[The Honorable General]]
The name of the quest. This may be omitted as it will default to the page name.
A map for the quest. Only include if it reasonable to do so. Will not appear if not included.
The campaign in which this quest is given. Mandatory.
The region where this quest is given. Mandatory.
Categorize the quest into a type "Primary", "Master", "Special event", or "Secondary".
given by
The NPC which starts the quest including the location of the NPC. Use a <br> tag to break overly long lines. Mandatory.
The name of the parent quest for nested quests. Omit if not applicable.
preceded by
The name of the quest or mission which immediately preceded this quest. Omit if not applicable.
followed by
The name of the quest or mission that this quest makes available. Omit if not applicable.

Preferably, stick to the order shown above for consistency.

Note that other activity descriptions, like mini-games, that need the same type of information displayed may use this template as well, even if they do not require the same article structure.


Provide an overview of the quest to help the reader get to grips with the basics of what is expected of them. Alternatively use the text from the introductory dialogue box.

Quest information[edit]

This section specifies details about the quest.


Note anything which you need to have to perform the quest, such as a particular hero in your party, a particular rank in a title track or a character created from a specific campaign. This may include the quest or mission that must be completed in order to unlock this quest. Note that the infobox 'Preceded by' section includes quests blocked by this quest in addition to this unlocking information..

The {{Standard prerequisites}} template may optionally be used to provide boilerplate quest requirements customized for each campaign. This is particularly useful for many of the pre-Searing quests, which often have three or four standard prerequisites in common.


Transcribe the objectives as given in the Log screen during the quest.

Early benefits[edit]

Include any benefits received on acceptance of the quest or before completing the quest. This includes skills and equipment received that are used to do the quest. The format should match the Reward section. If there is nothing in this section, it should be omitted.


Include the reward given for completing the quest. Note unusual items first, then gold, and experience. If there is a skill reward it should be displayed using the {{skill icon}} template.

Environmental changes[edit]

Include any temporary or permanent changes to objects, NPCs or terrain that result from accepting, doing or completing the quest. For example, some quests move an NPC from one location to another for the purposes of the quest, an object may exist only while the quest is active, or the quest may permanently remove an NPC from the environment. If there is nothing in this section, it should be omitted.


Provide a walkthrough for the quest. Provide a basic strategy for completing the quest and note any problems, with tricks for avoiding them. Directions do not need to be very complete, as most quests have green compass markers to aid the player. Refer to locations on the map for the quest if there is one to simplify the description. Try to integrate notes or tips into this section rather than creating a separate "Notes" or "Tips" section. The walkthrough section does not need to be present to remove the quest-stub tag from the article.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Provide any skill tips which players can use to help make a build to easily, or at least successfully, complete the quest. Suggest by skill function rather than actual skills or professions, as not everyone has all the elites or all of the campaigns.

Interactive objects[edit]

List key objects that are to be found in this quest (i.e. Levers, Bundles). If possible, these should be marked on the relevant map. Ordering should be by alphabet.


List only those creatures that are part of the quest spawn or change significantly as part of the quest. Include profession and levels.


Transcribe any dialogue from the quest. Use sub-headers and indenting where necessary. Punctuation is copied exactly. Any text highlighted in the in-game dialogue should be made bold.

The {{Offer dialog}} template may optionally be used to supply boilerplate text and to provide consistent formatting.


Mention any bugs, side quests, or notes on skill capture. If there is nothing in this section it should be omitted.


Capture any trivia or easter eggs in this section. If there is nothing in this section it should be omitted.

Article footer[edit]

The following should always be placed at the end of the article.


See Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Categories. For quests, most of the relevant categories to consider can be found as subcategories of Category:Quests. Note that the {{quest infobox}} template may automatically do some categorization.