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Produce a list of the standard requirements for a quest in a particular campaign. Will not always be applicable to every quest, but should improve consistency (and reduce tedium) for those for which it is appropriate.

{{Standard prerequisites
| campaign = 
| nationality = 
| transfer = 
| hero = 
| profession = 
| primary = 
| secondary = 
| test = 
| unstarted = 
| complete = 
| active =  
| minimum = 


The identity of the campaign.
  • pre Prophecies, pre-Searing.
  • Prophecies Prophecies, post-Searing.
  • Factions Factions.
  • Nightfall Nightfall.
  • Eye of the North Eye of the North.
Optional. Required character nationality. (default: set by the "campaign" parameter above)
  • Tyrian
  • Canthan
  • Elonian
  • non-Tyrian
  • non-Canthan
  • non-Elonian
  • all
The identity of the campaign being transferred to.
  • Prophecies
  • Factions
  • Nightfall
  • Eye of the North
Optional. Hero required in party. (default: unset)
Optional. Profession (either in full, or abbreviated). (default: unset)
Optional. Whether or not the profession must be the primary profession. Possible values:
  • n Either primary or secondary permitted. (default)
  • y Only primary permitted.
Optional. Whether or not a secondary profession disqualifies. Possible values:
  • y Characters with a secondary profession are disqualified. (default)
  • n Characters with no secondary profession also permitted.
Optional. For pre-Searing, whether or not the primary profession test must be complete. Only functions if the "campaign" parameter is set to "pre" too.
  • y The primary profession test must be complete. (default)
  • n The primary profession test need not be complete.
Optional. Link(s) to quests or missions which neither be active nor complete. (Quests that have been abandoned and failed missions fall into this category too.)
Optional. Link(s) to quests or missions which must be completed.
Optional. Link(s) to quests or missions which must be active
Optional. Minimum level


{{Standard prerequisites
| campaign = factions
{{Standard prerequisites
| campaign = pre
| profession = monk
{{Standard prerequisites
| campaign = Eye of the North
| nationality = Tyrian
| hero = [[Gwen|]]
{{Standard prerequisites
| campaign = pre
| test = n
| minimum = 2