Necromancer Test

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Necromancer Test
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Verata the Necromancer
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Preceded by War Preparations
Followed by Further Adventures
Adventure with an Ally
Unsettling Rumors
A Second Profession
Type Primary quest
(Profession: Necromancer primary)
Necromancer Test map.jpg
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First skill quest for Necromancer characters.

Quest information[edit]



  • Go south to the river. Slay a skale so that Verata can make use of its corpse.



After you obtain the quest, follow the road and kill one of the River Skale Tads. Wait for Verata to animate a Bone Horror and collect the reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Verata the Necromancer
"Go to the river and kill a skale so that I can animate a bone horror from its corpse. You’re going to love this..."
Yes Accept: "Let’s go!"
No Decline: "I’m not ready for this!"
Ask Ask: "Was I unclear the first time? You need to go south toward the river and kill a skale so I can show you the power death has to offer you. Why do you tarry?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Verata the Necromancer
"Fantastic, raising a bone minion, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like controlling the undead. You’ll need to see another trainer before you can learn a trick like that, but I will give you a couple of skills so that you can begin your training to become a true Necromancer.
"I’ll head back into the city and inform Sir Tydus that you passed the first test. Haversdan will supervise your training from here."


  • Killing anything that can provide an exploitable corpse, not just a skale, will fulfil the quest requirements.